The only BlackBerry community you will want to be in Singapore. Singapore BlackBerry users, unite!

HWZBB - The only BlackBerry community you will want to be in Singapore. Singapore BlackBerry users, unite!

The Differences Between A BlackBerry Z30, Z10 and Q10

The new BlackBerry Z30 is the latest and largest full touch-screen device that BlackBerry has produced to date. Of course there are differences in specifications and hence, user experience as well as developers developing applications for the devices. Even though applications built for Z10 will work on Z30, if you want everything to work and look at its best, minor tweakings will be required. The BlackBerry DevBlog has kindly provided everyone with a list of comparison between the 3 devices. Continue reading

Blackberry Z10 Flip Shell Case Cover

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

When closed, the flip closure and hard shell protect the back and sides of your BlackBerry Z10 as well as the display, while automatically dimming your screen to help preserve power. Fold the flip back and sit your device at one of two angles to keep working or enjoy your media. Plus, with a magnetic flip closure that opens and closes seamlessly, accessing your display is easy – you can even keep working by folding the flip closure back so your smartphone sits upright and ready to use. Continue reading

FiiO Rocky E02i Portable Headphone Amplifier + remote and mic!

The E02i is the latest ultra-portable offering from Fiio, a company dedicated to making headphone offerings for audiophiles alike. Built after the E01 which was dedicated directly to the Apple (legacy 30-pin) devices, the E02i comes with a more premium finish and a revamped chipset for a better musical experience. Like the E1, it comes with remote control, a built in clip. What sets this apart is the inclusion of a microphone which was missing in the E1. Continue reading

Poetic Borderline Bumper Case for BlackBerry Z10

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Apart from the Atmosphere Case that we shown you earlier, Poetic also brought over their Borderline Bumper Case to the BlackBerry Z10. To be honest, from afar, the Bordeline Bumper case looks like it is a downsized Atmosphere case as its main difference was the omission of the back cover to protect the back. So this meant that, yes, we get to feel the back of the device, the nice soft rubbery texture. However, as you might be thinking, indeed, this does feel a little weird since the corners are now slightly raised. Continue reading