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BlackBerry Completes The Acquisition of Good Technology

Earlier this year, BlackBerry announced their intentions to acquire one of their biggest competitor – Good Technology. Yesterday, BlackBerry announced that they have finalized and completed their acquisition of Good Technology. With this, BlackBerry have effectively bolstered their foothold in the enterprise market and I hope this will help to propel BlackBerry further to prosperity. Continue reading

BlackBerry Priv, The ‘Android Slider’ Officially Announced

BlackBerry’s CEO has officially announced the BlackBerry Priv today, which is essentially the BlackBerry Slider or codenamed `Venice` that we all know it as. Powered with the higher-end Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (than the BlackBerry Passport), and dropping the BlackBerry 10 operating system in favor of Android in this iteration of the device, it keeps a massive touchscreen with the keyboard. In addition, BNN has had an exclusive interview/hands on with the device captured on video with BlackBerry CEO John Chen.

Continue reading

Reviewed: Strontium Nitro Plus UHS-3 microSD (64GB)

Strontium Nitro Plus UHS-3 microSD (64GB) retail packaging front

Almost a year after we have started benchmarking all the microSD cards, today, we have yet another card to add to the benchmark to share with you guys. Today, we have a card from a local (Singapore company), Strontium. You may have seen this brand around town (Giant supermarket) and more but, you may not have seen much benchmarks for this. Well, let us present to you their highest-tier card today! Continue reading

Review: Silicon Power 64GB Elite MicroSDXC Card

Silicon Power 64GB Elite MicroSDXC Card Retail Packaging Front

We have ended our main microSD benchmarks for many of the popular memory card (brands) but that does not mean we are over! Technology is always improving and hence, microSD’s will always constantly be upgraded and new models, entries will enter this market. Today, courtesy of Marcus, we have the Silicon Power 64GB Elite MicroSD memory card. Continue reading

Typo And BlackBerry Settles Their Dispute

So it seems like BlackBerry and Typo has ended their long dispute. Back in 2014, Typo released the not so popular Typo keyboard for iPhones which BlackBerry sued them for and won. That said, Typo continued to hold a contempt of the court order and even released a version 2. But today, BlackBerry announced that they have finally reached a settlement with Typo manufacturers. Continue reading

Messenger By Nemory Studios Updates In BlackBerry World

Exiting the BlackBerry Beta is Messenger for Facebook by Nemory Studios. Whilst I hate having many applications just to do one thing, we have been lucky enough (compared to the rest) to be able to use the native BlackBerry Facebook application to chat still. However, that said, it still is missing of many features and that is where the extra application comes in handy. Continue reading