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BlackBerry Has Planned Patches For The Remaining Services That Are Vulnerable From The HeartBleed Bug

And with the service guidance out, BlackBerry has announced upcoming patches to fix the HeartBleed Bug on vulnerable services. The funny thing is that it does not affect BlackBerry products but rather, services on the vulnerable devices: Android and iPhone. But, its funny how BlackBerry gets singled out by Reuters AGAIN, especially when the main core products are not really affected. Continue reading

Line Passes 400 Million Users!

LINE, a popular iOS and Android cross platform messaging app has recently crossed its 400 Million Registered Users benchmark. Available on many platforms, despite its claims of having a BlackBerry version, it is not true, for it only has for the legacy devices and not BlackBerry 10. For hard-core users, sure, you could load the android version, but that is, by no means the official version. Continue reading

BlackBerry Z10 – Best ‘Fun-Sized’ Smartphone

BlackBerry Z10 is not exactly the latest device in terms of release date or specification in the market, but it is still making waves around town. It still amazes me how this little device manages to clinch awards and recognition more than a year from its initial release. This round, the award is from TIME, whom has put together a list for their “10 Best Small-Screen Smartphones Not Named ‘iPhone’” award and they are doing that by going through reviews and device feedbacks. Continue reading