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Conclusion: MicroSD Round Up – Reviews

The variety of microSD cards

Earlier, we started off explaining the various microSD terminology to you guys and explained that we will be benchmarking the 13 various microSD against one another. So here’s the summary and rounding up of the best microSD’s for normal day to day usage, as well as for use in the mobile device!The tests were conducted on the ASUS UX302LG with Samsung EVO SSD as the work horse, and the cards connected to the system via Transcend RDF8 (Firmware TS22) connected via USB 3.0, h2testw 1.4 and CrystalDiskMark v3.0.3 x64.

Our testing list have included the following cards:

  1. Barun Electronic’s Gold Flash PLUS (32GB) TLC
  2. Barun Electronic’s Gold Flash PRO (64GB) MLC
  3. Memorette (memento) Expert (64GB) TLC
  4. Memorette (memento) Standard premium (8GB) MLC
  5. Lexar High-Performance UHS-I cards [300x] (64GB) TLC MLC [LSDMI64GBBNL300A]
  6. Kingston Advanced Class 10 UHS-I (64GB) [Also Known As Kingston UltimateX MicroSD] TLC [SDCX10]
  7. Transcend Premium UHS-I [300x] (64GB) TLC [TS64GUSDU1E]
  8. OEM microSD by Samsung (64GB) TLC
  9. For Samsung UHS-I Class 10 (32GB) TLC
  10. Samsung Plus (64GB) TLC [MB-MPCGCA]
  11. Samsung EVO (64GB) TLC [MB-MP64DA]
  12. SanDisk Ultra UHS-I [Old series] (64GB) TLC [SDSDQUA-064G]
  13. SanDisk Ultra UHS-I [2014 Model] (64GB) TLC [SDSDQUAN-064G]
  14. Lexar High-Performance UHS-I 633x MicroSD (64GB) MLC [LSDMI64GBBNL633R]
  15. Kingston CL10 UHS-I 90R/45W MicroSD (64GB) TLC [SDCA10]
  16. Samsung PRO [Old Series] (64GB) TLC [MB-MGCGBA]
  17. Samsung PRO [New 2014 Series] (64GB) MLC [MB-MG64DA]
  18. Sony High-Speed R95 UHS-3 (64GB) MLC [SR64UXA]
  19. PNY Turbo Performance High Speed MicroSD (64GB) [2014 Edition] MLC [P-SDUX64U190-GE]
  20. SanDisk Extreme microSDXC UHS-3/U3 [2014 Edition] (64GB) TLC [SDSDQXN-064G]
  21. SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I [2014 Edition] (64GB) TLC [SDSDQX-064G]
  22. Fake SanDisk Ultra UHS-I (64GB 8GB) with Fake Samsung Evo Sample ??
  23. SanDisk Standard Class 4 (32GB) TLC [SDSDQM-032G-B35]
  24. Samsung Essential MicroSDHC Class 6 (8GB) [2014 Edition]  [MB-MS08D]
  25. Silicon Power Elite MicroSDXC Card (64GB) [SP064GBSTXBU1V20SP]
  26. Strontium Nitro Plus UHS-3 microSD (64GB) MLC
  27. Remax MicroSDHC Card (16GB)
  28. PNY Turbo Performance 64GB High Speed MicroSD [2015 Edition] MLC [P-SDUX64U390G-GE]
  29. Kingston Class 10 UHS-I (64GB) microSDXC Card TLC [SDC10G2]
  30. Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II microSD (64GB) MLC [LSDMI64GCBAS1000R]
  31. Strontium Nitro 566x UHS-I microSD (64GB) TLC [SRN64GTFU1T]
  32. Strontium MicroSDHC Card (8GB) TLC [SR8GTFC6A]
  33. SanDisk Ultra 200GB MicroSD TLC [SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A]

*Update 1 (28 July 2015) : Added Samsung Essential MicroSDHC Class 6 (8GB) [2014 Edition] to the list (order 24)

*Update 2 (5 August 2015) : Added Silicon Power MicroSDXC (64GB) to the list (order 25)

*Update 3 : Added Remax MicroSDHC (16GB) and PNY Turbo Performance MicroSDXC (64GB) [2015 edition] to the list (order 27, 28)

*Update 4: Added Kingston Class 10 UHS-I (64GB) to the list (order 29)

*Update 5: Added Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II microSD (64GB) to the list (order 30)

*Update 6: Added Strontium Nitro 566x UHS-I microSD (64GB) to the list (Order 31)

As far as we try to find out and mention their manufacturing technologies, not every card’s Nand chipset can be found, unfortunately.

Note: We included a few SDHC in terms of a SanDisk Class 4 MicroSD 32GB, Memorette Standard premium microSD 8GB for comparison purposes as well as the fake microSD card of SanDisk to highlight the every growing problem of counterfeit cards.

However, it should be noted that counterfeit is not only limited to SanDisk, but it is prevalent to almost any big brands such as Kingston, memorette, Samsung etc.

Determining the best card in terms of raw speed, we are using the Sequential results from CrystalMarkDisk, which brings the similar result and test as that of the H2testW or if you attempted to copy a (large) file to and fro a memory card.

To determine the best card for use in mobile, we look at 4K and 4K QD32 results. What is the difference though?

  • For sequential, the software reads/writes whatever file size you choose when you start the test sequentially. That is to say it starts writing on a sector and then writes the next part on the adjacent sector and so on.
  • On the other hand, 512K, 4K read/writes to random sectors on the drive, but it reads/writes 512KB or 4KB of data at a random point, then moves to the next random point. For the QD32, it is similar to 4K but there are more requests for the data sent to the chip controller.

As such, the 4K random read/write results would best mimic a card in a mobile device environment.

As such, the best microSD in terms of RAW speed (Class 10) is…

Samsung PRO [New 2014 Series] (64GB)

And now, the best microSD for mobile use (Class 10) is…

SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I (64GB) [2014 Edition]

The worst microSD in terms of RAW speed (Class 10) [Not including Memorette (memento)] is…

Kingston Advanced Class 10 UHS-I (64GB) [Also Known As Kingston UltimateX MicroSD]

The worst microSD for mobile use (Class 10) [Not including Memorette (memento)] is…

Kingston Advanced Class 10 UHS-I (64GB) [Also Known As Kingston UltimateX MicroSD]

As a quick summary, here are some of the warranty duration for the memory cards:

  • 1 Year:
    • Memorette (memento)
    • PNY
  • 5 Year:
    • Sony
    • Barun Electronics
    • Samsung (Essential)
  • 10 Year:
    • Samsung (EVO/Pro)
    • SanDisk (Ultra)
  • Lifetime:
    • Kingston
    • SanDisk [Extreme]
    • Lexar
    • Silicon Power [Elite]
    • Transcend

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