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BlackBerry Leap Launched In Hong Kong And Malaysia

BlackBerry Leap

On the next roll out for the BlackBerry Leap, BlackBerry has now announced the affordable all-touch smartphone for Hong Kong through various BlackBerry partners as well as in Malaysia through their partners there. BlackBerry Leap can be purchased at the MSRP of HK$2,588 and is currently available through the 3HK online store as well as through the enterprise sales teams of carriers 1010 and SmarTone, as well as authorized distributors including Fortress and Broadway Photo Supply Ltd. On the other hand, BlackBerry Leap is available for pre-order on 11 Street portal for RM1,089 and will be available at Blackberry partners including Celcom, Maxis Enterprise and Tunetalk from May 20 onwards. Continue reading

Reviewed: Samsung Evo MicroSD (128GB)

Samsung Evo MicroSD (128GB) Retail Front

After we took a look at all the microSD’s from the 64GB, the next consumer category that is up and rising is the 128GB category. Right now, it is limited to mainly this 3 brands: Lexar, SanDisk and Samsung. Samsung is the last of the 3 big brands to put their offerings onto the market, and they have released this under their Samsung EVO line, which is their mid-range or rather, lowest end offering for the microSDXC series. Continue reading

John Chen Speaks About BlackBerry’s State Now and Its Future at Milken Institute With Fox Business Network (FBN)

John Chen with FBN at Milken Institute

We have seen interviews from Bloomberg and CNBC with John Chen. Well, here’s another beautiful interview with BlackBerry CEO John Chen by Fox Business Network (FBN) at Milken Institute earlier this week. During the opening bell, John Chen spoke about some BlackBerry Statistics now for investors and also, about its future. Continue reading

BlackBerry Slider Will Be On Sale at the End Of This Year, But Not The Other Two

At Milken Institute’s Global Conference, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has been hard at work. After CNBC’s interview, here in another interview with Bloomberg, he unveiled the company’s upcoming strategies further and also, that next year, revenue for BlackBerry should start growing again. In addition, he spoke about the upcoming BlackBerry Slider. Continue reading

Is ‘Something Brewing’ Apart From Amazon Appstore? Probably!

In an interview with CNBC at the Milken Institute Global Conference earlier today, one question which John Chen was asked was about how he intends to win customers back, and get them back to BlackBerry. The key issue for BlackBerry, according to John Chen, has been lack of apps to offer consumers. In return, he mentioned that they are doing “two things about it.” Continue reading