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BlackBerry Argon Leaked – DTEK60

BlackBerry DTEK60 Render by Dylan Habkirk

BlackBerry accidentally let the cat out of the bag earlier today with regards to the next upcoming Android device, codenamed Argon. Whilst most of the specs have already been rumoured, this seems to solidify the position as the next BlackBerry Flagship device and confirming these rumours. The image above is a render by Dylan Habkirk (@realdhabkirk). Continue reading

Review: PNY Elite 128GB MicroSDXC Card

Today, we have another of PNY’s microSD card available for testing, full thanks to Jonathan for loaning us his new card for testing. In today’s benchmark, we will be pitting up its Elite edition of the 128GB variant of the card. As noted in past tests, the 128GB and 200GB microSD card’s performance is totally different compared with its lower capacity of the 64GB card, so this is a mark of performance of the 128GB variant and not the whole PNY Elite series! Continue reading

BlackBerry Releases Quadrooter Security Patches

This morning, BlackBerry released a new update for the Android based devices, Priv and DTEK50. This update was a security patch for the Quadrooter vulnerabilities unveiled last week at DEF CON Conference. These high-severity vulnerabilities affects pretty much most of the devices running on Qualcomm processors and BlackBerry is the first vendor in the world to release the security patches for the devices. Continue reading

Pokémon Go Is Officially Out In Singapore!

Pokémon Go, the augmented reality mobile game from Nintendo and developer Niantic Labs, is out now for both iOS and Android in Singapore! Those of you sporting a BlackBerry Priv (and the upcoming DTEK50) – good news, you can play it natively by downloading and installing from the Google Play Store now. For those of you sporting a BlackBerry 10 device, unfortunately, it is not that simple and as of this point, only the BlackBerry Passport is able to support it with a couple of tricks.

For more tips and tricks, do refer to our original article in July.

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BlackBerry Updates the BlackBerry Applications on BlackBerry Android Devices

BlackBerry Keyboard Update

Still in the news of Android applications, BlackBerry today has also started rolling out a series of application updates for the BlackBerry applications on BlackBerry devices powered by Android, such as the BlackBerry Priv and BlackBerry DTEK50. The application updates are pretty much across the BlackBerry apps so there’s quite a few! If your a BlackBerry Android device owner, check your Google Play Store for the updates now! Continue reading

Get The ‘BlackBerry’ Essentials on Any Android Device Now!

BlackBerry Hub+

Today BlackBerry announced that they will be opening up the BlackBerry suite of Android apps to all Android devices under a new subscription model. This means that you will be able to use the key essential BlackBerry Applications on you android devices, as long as it runs Android Marshmallow (6.0) and above – although BlackBerry mentions that they are working to bring it to Lollipop (5.0) based devices soon. Dubbed as the BlackBerry Hub+, this bundle of subscription-based applications includes BlackBerry Calender, Password Keeper, Contacts, Notes, Launcher and more. Continue reading

Deleted A WhatsApp Chat? It May Not Be Deleted

WhatsApp Chat screen

According to iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, WhatsApp doesn’t actually delete chats that you have deleted – until a much later date. In essence, the software retains and stores a forensic trace of the chat logs even after the chats have been deleted, which would really delight anyone with interest in your chat history. And if you have it backed up remotely, this same data are also purportedly recoverable. Continue reading