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Review: Creative Roar Speakers

Creative have somewhat been quiet in the recent years, slipping behind many of their competitors, including Apple and Cowon. Now, they have launched their latest line up of come-back products, and one of their flagship is the speakers – The Creative Roar. Whilst the speaker market is too, getting crowded, especially due to the influx of China un-branded speakers and thanks to X-Mini’s innovation for the hamburger styled speakers, Creative is hoping to get its name back as a premier brand in this segment.

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BlackBerry Begins Its Foray Into The Medical Field

Today, BlackBerry announced their first step into the medical field. BlackBerry will be taking a stake in NantHealth, which is a start-up that is working on various pieces of the digital health market, including connecting medical devices and the sharing of digital health records. This also means that future BlackBerry devices will be used to support NantHealth’s medical software, known as the clinical Operating System (cOS), and of course, the use BBM Protected to allow for secure communication between doctors and patients. Continue reading

More High-End QWERTY Devices To Come!

At the latest gathering with reporters, John Chen and John Sim has said that BlackBerry is going to keep making high-end, QWERTY phones, with just a few touch-screen models. At the gathering, John Chen reiterated his dedication to the handset market. Unfortunately though, don’t expect to see inexpensive BlackBerrys popping up on U.S shelves before 2016, but hopefully, it will land here in Singapore. Continue reading

eBBM To Get Desktop Video Chat Soon!

Desktop video chat will soon be coming to the enterprise version of BlackBerry Messenger (eBBM), however, nothing yet to the consumer version, according to John Chen and John Sim (Head of BlackBerry Global Enterprise Services). Coming together with BES 12, it will also be available on cloud deployment, Windows Phone and Microsoft Office 365. But, yes, unfortunately, we won’t be getting this love as a consumer, just yet. Continue reading

BlackBerry Has Planned Patches For The Remaining Services That Are Vulnerable From The HeartBleed Bug

And with the service guidance out, BlackBerry has announced upcoming patches to fix the HeartBleed Bug on vulnerable services. The funny thing is that it does not affect BlackBerry products but rather, services on the vulnerable devices: Android and iPhone. But, its funny how BlackBerry gets singled out by Reuters AGAIN, especially when the main core products are not really affected. Continue reading