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Transition complete!

Hello everyone!

We have completed the transition and migration of data from our review sub-domain into the main site here. In future, all reviews will be posted here alongst with the news and updates if any.

A dedicated review channel will be at:


for those who wants to read just the reviews alone 🙂

This is to make things much easier for everyone so that our app will be more comprehensive than ever.

Chinese New Year is coming to an end but our season of fun and sharing will still be here.

Check back soon! 🙂

What we have been doing

The last few days, we have been editing and updating the FAQ and review site. As you guys might have taken note, we have updated the theme for the FAQ and Review sites.

More notably, we have updated the urls, images and tutorials on the FAQ, and also added a section on prepaid BIS services in Singapore.

On the review end, more reviews on accessories, and smartphones can be expected over the week ahead. We have done up the posts for Curve 9360 and Torch 9810 for now.

As we count down towards Christmas, don’t forget to keep checking out our Facebook page for giveaways 😉

Cheers BlackBerry users in Singapore!