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BlackBerry Releases Year-End and Q4 Fiscal 2017 Results

Earlier today, BlackBerry released their latest fiscal results – their Year-End and Q4 fiscal 2017 results. In short, their Non-GAAP revenue for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2017 was $297 million with GAAP revenue of $286 million. Approximately 80% of the fourth quarter Software & Services segment revenue (excluding IP licensing and professional services) was recurring. BlackBerry had over 3,500 enterprise customer orders in the quarter. Continue reading

WhatsApp Official Support for BBOS and BlackBerry 10 Extended

Earlier this year, WhatsApp (by FaceBook) decided to drop support for all BlackBerry devices running BBOS and BlackBerry 10. However, that said, they have now officially extended the life of the app till June 30 2017. You might be still receiving the annoying blackmailing message from WhatsApp threatening to cut off service on 31 December, but it should be updated soon. Continue reading

BlackBerry Announces Q2 Fiscal 2017 Results

Earlier today, BlackBerry released their latest quarter fiscal results which is the Q2 Fiscal 2017. In overview, BlackBerry has a reported Non-GAAP total revenue of $352 million, GAAP revenue of $334 million. Non-GAAP software and services revenue of $156 million, GAAP software and services revenue of $138 million. As far as devices sales goes, BlackBerry has sold 400,000 units. Continue reading

Deleted A WhatsApp Chat? It May Not Be Deleted

WhatsApp Chat screen

According to iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, WhatsApp doesn’t actually delete chats that you have deleted – until a much later date. In essence, the software retains and stores a forensic trace of the chat logs even after the chats have been deleted, which would really delight anyone with interest in your chat history. And if you have it backed up remotely, this same data are also purportedly recoverable. Continue reading

BlackBerry DTEK50 Official Specifications and Images

BlackBerry DTEK50

So BlackBerry has been working hard to prepare the next up coming device for launch and as Google’s web cache has caught it, they specifications and image was up on BlackBerry’s website. It seems like DTEK50 is its retail name (sounds worse than BlackBerry Neon or Hamburg – I know!) and will come with Android Marshmallow OS out of the box. Check out the whole specifications here! Continue reading

BlackBerry DTEK50 Accessories Sneak Preview

BlackBerry DTEK50 Hamburg Neon Wi-Fi Certification

I am sure many of you reading this would have heard that BlackBerry is getting ready to launch a new smartphone soon within the next few days. The device is expected to be available somewhere in the world in August with full rollout slowly later. This is a full-touch mid-range device and has had the name Hamburg, Neon and now, DTEK50. To add on the excitement of the impending launch, it seems like BlackBerry’s (online) partner has readied the accessories for sale on their site and there are a few to choose from. Continue reading

BlackBerry Priv Pre-Orders In Asia Pacific Starts With Hong Kong

The first Asian Country to receive and start the Pre-Orders for the BlackBerry Priv has been announced! Unfortunately, it is not us but rather, Hong Kong. The BlackBerry Priv will be available for pre-order in Hong Kong from local carriers and retailers. The price in this case starts from HK$6,488 (~SGD$1175) and is available from csl, 1O1O, China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited, SmarTone Mobile Communications limited and several other retailers. Continue reading