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Review: PNY Elite 128GB MicroSDXC Card

Today, we have another of PNY’s microSD card available for testing, full thanks to Jonathan for loaning us his new card for testing. In today’s benchmark, we will be pitting up its Elite edition of the 128GB variant of the card. As noted in past tests, the 128GB and 200GB microSD card’s performance is totally different compared with its lower capacity of the 64GB card, so this is a mark of performance of the 128GB variant and not the whole PNY Elite series! Continue reading

Review: Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II microSD (64GB)

Lexar Professional 1000x MicroSDXC (64GB) Retail Front

Keeping in line with cutting edge, Lexar released their first UHS-II capable microSD card, that allows them to use an additional lane of connection pins to achieve faster speeds. This is one of the first few microSD’s sporting this additional set of pins, and whilst there are relatively little devices that are capable of using this just yet, Lexar also included a set of UHS-II capable microSD card reader that runs on USB 3.0. So just how much faster can this card go? Let us find out! Continue reading

Review: Kingston Class 10 UHS-I (64GB) microSDXC Card [SDC10G2]

Kingston SDC10G2 microSDXC Retail Packaging

Card manufacturers are always improving their line up of memory cards and we have seen that from SanDisk, whom have kept their card brand/series constant whilst refreshing and improving on it. Now Kingston is on it too, with their latest microSD refresh for their standard card line up. In this case, they now have omitted the maximum write speed, but rather, only highlighting its maximum read speed. Continue reading

Review: PNY Turbo Performance 64GB High Speed MicroSD (64GB) [2015 Version]

Front of the retail packaging for PNY Turbo Performance 64GB High Speed MicroSD [2015 Edition]
Last year, Patrick loaned us his 2014 edition PNY Turbo Performance MicroSD (64) for the benchmark and now, we are back with the newer 2015 edition, courtesy of Jason who loaned us his card. At the point of the article, this is still available for less than SGD$40. This model, effectively is the replacement for the 2014 edition which we reviewed earlier, so how much of improvement is there? We will get to that in this review! Continue reading