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BlackBerry KEYone Receives Plenty of Praises at MWC 2017

Credit: @BBMobile Twitter

BlackBerry Mobile & TCL just unveiled and released the next BlackBerry Device – BlackBerry KEYone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017. In just this few days span, it has garnered pretty much a lot of attention to itself ranging from its innovative keyboard to it being the first device to be sold officially under as BlackBerry Mobile, by TCL. That said, with more than 5 accolades for it, here is the list! Continue reading

BlackBerry Mercury – BlackBerry KEYone


BlackBerry Mercury will be launched in a few hours time and it is apparent that it will not be following the BlackBerry DTEK naming convention – but rather it will be named BlackBerry KEYone. BlackBerry are best known for its keyboard and unique designs and BlackBerry KEYone is the next device inline to sport the physical keyboard. Unfortunately (for some), BlackBerry is not the main manufacturer for the devices anymore, and future devices, since DTEK line up is now made in China, by TCT communications.

PS: TCT is a new US-based company but it’s owned by TCL, which is the Chinese manufacturer behind the Alcatel phones. Continue reading

BlackBerry Mercury Set To Launch on 25 February

BlackBerry DTEK50 vs Mercury vs DTEK60

BlackBerry seems to have set February 25, around the Mobile World Congress (MWC) period, as the day for the BlackBerry Mercury launch. In case you have not heard, the BlackBerry Mercury is supposedly the last BlackBerry to be designed ‘in-house’ and will come with the much loved physical keyboard. The device itself is a mid-range device though, and once launched, it should be generally available, either for sale or pre-order like the previous 2 DTEK’s. Continue reading

BlackBerry Mercury “Press” Teasers Leaks Out!

The BlackBerry Mercury, is purportedly to be named the BlackBerry Press or DTEK70 and will be unveiled somewhere this week. The BlackBerry Press will be powered by Android directly and it will have a physical keyboard that sits beneath its display like classic BlackBerry devices. Although the device is built by TCL, it is supposedly still designed in house by BlackBerry – much like how Apple ‘designs‘ their devices and manufactured by Foxconn for the matter. In addition, check out some of the video teasers that have dropped along this week! Continue reading

Happy New Year!

2016 has passed and now 2017 is here. So quickly has one year passed us yet again and so many changes has happened in the past year. In the past year, BlackBerry officially started a full focus on the secure Android, with BlackBerry Priv, DTEK50 and DTEK60, with the two DTEK’s made by their new official manufacturing partner – TCL. In addition, late towards the end of the year, we saw the roll-out of the OS 10.3.3 update to BlackBerry 10 devices and also saw Facebook withdrawing their apps from the BlackBerry-legacy and BlackBerry 10 platform. With this upcoming new year, we expect to see the BlackBerry Mercury which is the next BlackBerry device with a QWERTY keyboard and more BlackBerry branded android devices to hit the market.