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BlackBerry Leather Flip Shell For BlackBerry Q10

As a case, it aims to conveniently protect the BlackBerry Q10 all round. When closed, the flip closure and hard shell protects both the front and back of your smartphone. It should not be a hassle when you need it either to do work. With two different orientations, you can remain productive in any environment!

Made of the the premium leather, similar to the leather offerings found on the premium cases of the legacy devices, it seems like BlackBerry has ditched the “smooth” leather altogether.

With a version of a hard shell built onto the shell as the primary mode of support, this differs greatly from the original hardshell we showed you earlier.

A cut out has been added this time, with the lens to amplify the light. This fixed the issue from the Z10 series, whereby the BlackBerry Flip case covered the notification light, making it counter productive.

The buttons, connectivity ports, all have the necessary holes cut precisely to fit it, and not have an artificial button to cover and protect it.

Built with a very tight fit, the flap, not being exactly magnetic lock is rather difficult to close or open the flap with a device in it. Sure, seasoning or usage over time will help to smoothen it out, however, I have a feeling through wear and tear, it might not be the best for the locking mechanism.

All in all, whilst it does feel pretty good in one’s hand, the additional bulk added and the poor locking mechanism takes away my recommendation for this device, from me. However, for a productivity warrior who wants to protect the device with style, this might perhaps just be the way forward.

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