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Quick comparision of the OS 6 and OS7

Blackberry smartphones are indeed one of the world’s most popular smartphone devices especially in the enterprise scene. Competitors and media alike have been saying that there is a “lack of development” in the mature BlackBerry OS, yet RIM manages to surprise everyone with the release of its brand new operating system: the Blackberry OS7 and OS7.1. The newer models of Blackberry comes pre-installed with either Blackberry OS7 or OS7.1, and many users might wonder what are the main differences between the newer operating system with its predecessor, the OS6. So, let’s take a look at these differences Blackberry Running on OS6 vs OS7.

With Blackberry OS6, the Web Browser was created with the main aim of performing on par with their rivals; the Android and iOS. It also aimed to provide Blackberry users with a much more enjoyable web browsing experience as compared to the native web browser of the BlackBerry OS5 and beyond. Hence, taking over Torch Mobile, a webkit browser was born into the BlackBerry OS.

The native web browser of Blackberry OS7 supports HTML5, bundled with a new Java engine, gesture support, which provides users with a faster HTML loading, offering a vast improvement compared to the native browser of OS5. Even compared with OS 6, the web browser of Blackberry OS7 is also far more superior compared to the OS6 in a sense that it allows the support of more tabbed browsing as well as pinch zooming for touch screen users. One major notable improvement is that the native browser in OS7 no longer crashes like it did on the OS6 when memory is too low (But do keep in mind that OS 7 devices are loaded and armed with much more memory as well).

The main user interface of the OS7 does not look too different as compared to the interface of the OS6. OS7 however, comes with what is called the “liquid interface”, which is supposed to give users the edge in fast performance and crisper looking interface. Frankly, there dont seem to be much difference and most people attribute the sharper and crispier screen to the higher resolution screen on the device. Well, each to their own take, the words are still clearer and easier and read!

Now, applications is something which BlackBerry devices has traditionally lacked of. It has been plaguing us since the start of the BlackBerry era. However, there are not much differences when it comes to application support for the Blackberry OS6 and OS7. An optimistic fact, however, is that most application producers are releasing newer applications for mostly OS7, and the apps for OS7 have more features due to its better overall stability of the system and hardware performance. Also, we are starting to see more games being developed for the latest OS’s thanks to the addition of GPU’s into the hardware mix. (Note: However, I do believe that with BB10, we will have a whopping list of applications to scour through)

Well, can we say that the OS7 is just like the OS6, but an upgraded version? Well, if it means that most of the great functions that are in OS6 are better performing in the OS7, then YES. But, OS7 has of late evolved into the new OS 7.1 which brought along FM RADIO to supported devices (BlackBerry 9360, 9220) as well as wifi hotspot to all OS 7 devices.

However, whether or not if its worth a purchase depends on the price point, but the improvements in hardware and software may justify an upgrade, though its still up to the individual to feel the devices first hand for the final kill.

If you have other opinions, please share it with us in the comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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