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BlackBerry Classic Camera Features Outlined

So we are exactly one week away from the BlackBerry Classic launch and we are getting stoked for it! Nonetheless, BlackBerry has released yet another teaser for the BlackBerry Classic. There is no doubt how the camera has evolved and improved over the last few years, on the BlackBerry devices and this is yet another improvement. Are you excited for one?

While the Classic will most likely not have a breaking through or industry-level camera (like the BlackBerry Passport), the software that BlackBerry has put behind it with 10.3.1 will definitely improve your picture-taking experience, specially if you’re upgrading from a BBOS device such as the Bold 9900.

Here are some of the features the Classic’s camera will have (which other BlackBerry 10 devices running on 10.3.1 will have):
Panorama Mode
Taking beautiful wide panoramic photos is easy and intuitive on the BlackBerry Classic. Once activated, simply pan left or right and line up the onscreen prompts as you capture the photo. It’s perfect for fitting a wider view or landscape in one shot and it’s automatically and seamlessly stitched together.

Offline Time Shift Mode

Capturing that perfect moment has never been easier with Offline Time Shift mode. Time Shift captures a series of photo burst so you can select the perfect moment in time. Offline mode now allows you to edit the photo at a later time so you can keep capturing photos and edit later.

Not that taking selfies is a priority for me, but if I wanted to set a shutter timer for my photos, it’s easy to do on the BlackBerry Classic. With the holidays just around the corner, those family-wide portraits and ugly sweater pics are just a snap away.

If you’re coming from a Bold 9900, you’ll definitely appreciate the benefits of HDR. This technology takes combines multiple exposures, so that if you’re in less than ideal lighting situations like a bright sunny day, or a dimly lit room, pictures shot with HDR activated, could appear more balanced. If you’re adventurous you can even create some cool effects by moving the camera between exposures. Experiment away!

If you’re trying to capture that perfect moment in time, but you don’t know exactly when it will happen – you can use burst mode to capture a number of exposures in a burst. You can then find the perfect shot and discard the rest if you’d like. People will be convinced your shutter finger has that magic touch. Of course there’s always Time Shift if you really want to impress people.

Shutter Buttons
The BlackBerry Classic benefits from having a physical keyboard, Classic Navigation keys, and a touchscreen. You can snap a photo using the trackpad, spacebar, mute key or by tapping an icon on the touchscreen. Even if you’re one hand juggling your BlackBerry Classic and your classic hot non-fat extra-foam vanilla latte, finding the shutter button won’t keep you from capturing the moment.

Are you ready for it?

Via InsideBlackBerry

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