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What Is Your NS Story Winner – The NS Story

Earlier last month we hosted this exclusive competition, BlackBerry’s What Is Your NS Story Contest, for National Service (NS) men. Prizes included 2 Brand new BlackBerry Curve 9360 in black and white (non-camera+camera). So here we have our fourth winner!

Here we have Fathil, and here is his story:

Hey there guys,

Well let me start with an introduction about myself! (Be prepared, because you may be shocked by what you are going about to find out!!) hahaha ^^

I’m a NSF, Singaporean, serving the nation at least 5 times a week (if there is outfield traing, etc, there goes my precious weekends…), spending most of my time in Pulau Tekong. Where in terkongkong (its a malay word which means stranded), taking care of new soldiers is my specialty (So, if u got friends, cousins who are under me, they will leave here with a memorable & exciting experience, trust me!) 😉

Okay, well I’m better at talking than writing/typing, so the level of shockness you receive here is greatly reduced!, for that I’m sorry, enough of introducing about myself, lets get to business shall we.

Oh yes, before I start, I just want to say that I’m delighted to be to be able to have an opportunity like this to win a phone that’s so useful, and this is a golden chance that has been given to me and those other people out there waiting for a chance like this!

To be honest, when I 1st heard about this contest, I was skeptical!

Well, its been hard for me to keep contact with my family & friends here in tekong while serving my NS. The reception here can be bad at times, getting either overseas telcos, or even not having reception at all if deep inside the forest for training. As for me, I have been using a Nokia non-camera simple phone (as a matter of fact, I don’t have a phone, it belongs to 1 of my lovely bros who have a spare 1 to lend). For me, if the phone can ring, can call, can sms, can keep me in the loop, that is good enough. While others may see my phone as old-school, out-dated, lousy phone, but to me, it is my Buddy, one that helps me keep in contact with my family & friends. Furthermore using a prepaid card, where I will get 10 free sms when I send 5 sms in a day, so I ration myself while messaging and reduce my call times to save cost. Besides, the voice clarity is not that great in many instances. So sometimes at work, its hard for me to communicate with my colleagues as most of them own a BlackBerry, where they will use BBM as an alternative to sms and hence is far more fats, efficient & cost-saving. Thus, I believe if I am equipped with one, it will be of great help to me at work and it will ease my communication, interaction with my family and friends.

Fear not, if given this rare opportunity to get a hold of the BlackBerry Curve 9360, I will treasure it like a pearl within a clam, protect it like how a dog guard a warehouse and embrace it like how Lionel Messi dribbles the ball. Frankly, I have never owned a BlackBerry phone before, thus, this will be my first BlackBerry experience if I’m lucky enough.

I have heard stories of how good BlackBerry phones are, but I can’t really say much till I use one though. So, I believe again, with this opportunity, my social life will undergo an extreme makeover with the introduction of my new found love, BlackBerry Curve 9360 (hopefully), where I’m able to stay in touch, get connected, get motivated, get excited and get going with everyday life, be it at work or back in mainland Singapore. With this new love, I can no longer use my phone as an excuse for not calling, not replying, not answering, not messaging to my friends…(there goes my excuse…)

Finally, to sum it all up (please don’t be dishearten, every good story has to end), it was a pleasure to have taken part in this wonderful competition. Hopefully, I didn’t bored you all to sleep. I thank You guys again for creating this opportunity, it was fun writing my entry, I hope u guys have fun reading it.

Every man has to serve the country,
Each man will become extraordinary;
I shared my own NS story,
In hope to get my own BlackBerry.
:> smile (:

Congratulations Fathul, we feel your love for BlackBerry as a whole and we are pleased to present you as our fourth and last winner!

Hence, congratulations on winning a pair of BlackBerry Curve 9360!

Hopefully this can help you interact and communicate more, making the life changing jump!

The BlackBerry Curve 9360 is now available in both non-camera and camera variant, in white and black, from all telcos and authorized resellers.

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