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BlackBerry 9900 Pinkie Case

Time to review my new BlackBerry 9900 case which I got it off eBay UK last week. Brand-less flip case for my phone as a solution as I have a habit to drop my phone, which sucks I know. This phone of mine even had a hard fall on the concrete rough flooring of the bus stop screen face down. *OUCH* I hear that from many of you.

9900 Pink Casing

Ta-da! The Pink Casing. *loves*

Ok, here’s the pink case, and I’m sure ladies will love the color combination of pink and white. Looks pretty much a normal case, just that its pink and I like the smooth texture of the case, nice to touch but easy to drop if I’m not aware of its existence. *glups*

9900 Pink Casing Flap

Pink and White. Flap Flap

Here’s the side view of the casing, and there’s the flap at the top to close the casing properly. One thing that I don’t really like the flap is that it doesn’t really close properly and the magnet part isn’t very strong, plus constant flapping the flap results to slight dirt visible on the flap. 🙁 That means I need to keep hands clean at all times to avoid the case to go from pink to black.

9900 Pink Casing inner

the look of it *opens*

It looks chic and I’m still in love with the case itself despite the fact that it is hard to take out. Not sure if the gmask that I did for my phone is the reason that the phone casing it tight and hard to dig it out. The white case that is holding on to the phone is made of plastic, which I personally pretty much afraid that it might scratch the sides when I take out. Its not the smooth texture like my old black casing. But overall I do like my new casing and I hope that I do not have to do battery pull too often as taking out is really a hassle, especially on streets when your phone decides to lag or hang on you.

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