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Gosh! ICE Crystal Case for Blackberry Bold Touch 9900/9930 Review

Gosh! is usually known for their range of iphone 4 and 4s accessories. Hardly Gosh! comes out with Blackberry range of cases. Anyway, today I bought this case for Blackberry Bold 9900/9930, it is called ICE Crystal Case from Gosh!. Amazingly, Gosh! has never put this into its website, and you can’t even find any unboxing video on the net.

So here we are with it!

Firstly, the box. 5 seconds from now, what do you see? a nice box? a beautiful packaging?

Damn right, that’s one hell of a nice packaging up there. The cover is made from clear hard plastic material, and it has some kind of semi-larvae shape to it. Aside from the nice packaging, opening it is the start of all the coming troubles. Look at the picture below.

I have tried for almost hours to figure out how to open this packaging. From the picture above, you can see that I have tried to peel off the back sticker to see if there are some kind of hidden access to open it. None. So how to open it?

You guessed it right. these small little suckers are what you need to pry open. And let me tell you this, prying it open is not a child’s play. You gotta have one fine hard nail to skim through the sides first (from below) and then moving on to prying open the small clips. Open 2 of these suckers (out of 4) and voila! you can see your “real” case now. This is how it looks like:

As you can see, looks like the title “ICE” is not just marketing gimmick, the back really has that kind of “frosted” look and feel. feels like a rubber, but it is made from hard plastic. My only concern is that if it get scratched over time, the “frosted” coating will peel off and it will look so ugly. But since it is new, I’m not really sure about that just yet.

On the inside is just normal glossy plastic. Quite smooth, I dont think it will scratch your handset while putting on the case. Normal cuttings for flash, camera, microphone for video, and speaker below.

Bottom look. Nothing extraordinary. It has resemblance with Case-Mate’s Barely There series. It offers minimal protection but less bulky.

Left side. Normal cuttings for earphone jack and micro-USB hole. Do take note that the Micro-USB hole cuttings is abit too “tight” unlike other cases which give abit more space and can see more of the brushed aluminium sides. It has the potential to give trouble while connecting your BB to your PC/laptop, but haven’t tried yet so can’t really comment on that.

Right side. Normal cuttings for volume rocker and camera button. Do take note that the plastic area near the volume rocker is abit thicker than the rest, so it is quite hard to press the buttons for fat fingers. Not really sure why it was designed like that.

Here is the worst flaw of all: the case is super-duper tight. It is really THAT tight. I tried to fit in my blackberry 9900, i put in the sides with buttons first, now, most of the time in snap-in cases, you can just push a little bit the other side and you will hear “click” sound to notify you that the case has fit perfectly. But in this case (literally), it doesnt have any “click” sound. You need to press, press, press, press and press until it fits in the case. By fits I don’t mean perfect fit, but just fit, and the most annoying thing is that the fact it doesn’t fit perfectly, so your phone will look like it is lopsided. I cannot post the picture because it is hard to tell from the picture. I mean, which kind of a case is made for a phone but it is too tight to fit it in? It is just unacceptable. If it is such a cheap case, I am perfectly okay with it because it has no brand and every case will have different fit. But this is one the most renowned company which produces alot of ipod iphone and ipad accessories, and they screw it up in blackberry. They should have known every measurement of a blackberry 9900/9930.

Overall, I would not recommend this case unless you like tight fit for your blackberry. If we look away from the problem or maybe you don’t really mind about it, i think it has the best matte or frosted feel I have ever seen in any snap-in cases for blackberry 9900. The quality of the case is really solid, it is just disappointing they could not get it right with the dimension.


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