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BlackBerry Hard Shell Case for BlackBerry Bold Touch

The BlackBerry hard shell case is pretty similar to the soft shell case that 5zal showed to us earlier. Designed to fight snugly for the phone, the hard shell case fit just nice on the phone, making it almost oblivious when we use it.

The Hard Shell case come with a hard plastic back, together with a bit of a dotted kind of pattern that gives it a fresh look, alongst with a chromed BlackBerry logo like the one on the phone’s battery door. Around the perimeter of the casing, there is soft touch rubber which provides the case with a good solid grip and makes the buttons at the side easy to access to. It definitely seems to give a tougher protection than that of the Soft Shell case when protecting against bumps and drops.

Similar to the soft shell case, the case features the button for the lock key and indeed, this seems to be easier to use (perhaps due to the rubber) as opposed to the soft shell case. Also, with the casing on, however, we will not be able to use the holster, pouches or the charging dock with it.

Unlike the softshell case, the hard shell case comes in Black and White versions. The black is very sleek and sexy but the white is hot and attractive. Perhaps the white means a white BlackBerry Bold Touch is on its way?

Overall, this provides a pretty well protection for the Blackberry Bold 9900, though it isn’t the best around, it still does its job well.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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