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Coveroo Custom Design Cover


I’m a sucker for personalised stuff, especially for things that I use really often; whether I wear them or carry it with me most of the time. So imagine my joy when I came across a website that provides customised covers for my Bold 9700 (back then in Sept 2010, have since moved on to a 9780).

In this case, we are looking over at Coveroo. A company that claims to “your phone, journal, iPad or iPod to be truly unique, with more than 5000 designs to choose from, or use your own custom artwork“.

Like I said, I like to customise my own stuff, so this is what I got for myself.

Coveroo Custom Design Cover
Price: USD $39.95 (free shipping)

The product came in a bubblewrap, which I’ve since discarded. The Coveroo fits the 9700 and 9780 since their chassis are technically the same.

Comparison with the original 9780 battery cover (left) vs Coveroo Custom Design Cover (right):


As most can see, the original cover has a smooth finish which is soft to the touch. For the Coveroo, looks can be deceiving. The cover is actually soft and smooth too, with the only difference being the ‘crack lines’.


On the rear, both the 9780 (left) and Coveroo (right) look similar too. There’s no way to demonstrate it but sliding the Coveroo into the slots on the 9780 handset is a simple affair too. Nothing dramatic or complicated like those old cheap aftermarket Nokia covers of old. Paying for quality I say.


Close-up view of the design on the Coveroo. The lines are very clear and have no rough edges; this is the result of laser engraving. *insert big, proud grin*

At the bottom of the cover, Coveroo has also engraved a little logo just to remind you where did you this cover from. Personally, I don’t like companies to leave their little logos at random places on their products, after all, I want a personalised product that’s to my satisfaction. However, in this case, the logo is tastefully done and placed at an unobstrusive corner. Kudos to them.

NB: Coveroo also has the option of imprinting colours on your customised design at an extra cost of USD $5. However, the silly me forgot to specify that option and was left with a design with a black background. Customised texts (up to 15 characters) also cost USD $5.

NB 2: There are white covers too for those of you out there who bought the white versions of the 9700 or 9780.


– Good build quality
– Perfect fit
– Transferable for those who are upgrading from 9700 to 9780
– Similar feel to original cover


– Might be pricey after ticking all the options


Rating: ★★★★★ 


Rating: ★★★★★ 


Rating: ★★★★★ 

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