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Blackberry 9900 Review Part 2 – Accessories!

Now that we have seen the 9900 and its awesome power, its time to take a look at its companions that came along with it.

The Blackberry Stereo Earpiece

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Earphones, are no doubt one of then most essentials in our (or mine at least) daily lives. Most, if not all, phones come with the standard issue of earphones. In this case, its not something new, and for 9900, it came with the standard stereo earpiece which was also the standard issue for the other flagship models such as 9800 and 9780.

Well, I would really prefer, the in-ear variant that came with the first generation of Bold, 9000. Quality wise, its not too bad, but the Blackberry Premium Multimedia earpiece is still better, though still sub-par to offerings from 3rd parties.


Comparing this to the older counterparts offered by Blackberry on the even older models, such as the 8xxx series, this earpiece did not come with that sponge sleeve and the whole thing relied on the rubber grip to stay on in your ears. The Mic now comes integrated with the control button and still maintains the L-cord.


Quality: Well, testing the mic and earpiece under various conditions, it does really feel under powered for such a powerful phone. We tested it under the following conditions:

  1. Quiet surroundings
  2. Walking alongst the roadside.
  3. At a very noisy celebration

In instance 1:
Noise isolation was not really required, hence the call was fine. However, even in this quiet place, it was hard for the other party to hear, let alone understanding what we were trying to say.
In instance 2:
There was little noise from the road, but it seems that the microphone works much better here as the other party was able to hear us well.
In instance 3:
Needless to say, noise isolation was virtually not existent and both parties were unable to hear one another.


Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

This accessory earns our rating of just 2 out of 5 stars for giving us such a dismal sub standard performance.

The Blackberry USB wall adapter charger

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Now, apart from the earpiece, another standard issue of the phones will definitely be its charger. This time, RIM has decided to switch over from the international charger to a 3-pin USB wall adapter. Previously on the Torch 9800 (Export), it was already using the USB adapter whilst locally was given the international charger. Some may yay whilst others will nay at it, here’s my take.

  • Small, light, easy carry around
  • Can charge a variety of USB based appliances
  • Cool and sleek


  • Have to bring the usb cable around (May prove a challenge for NSF personal or data sensitive sectors)
  • Only 1 USB cable provided for sync and charge.


I really love this charger, despite it being just 750 mah vs 1A(1000mah) from other competitors (Apple), hence, the

Rating: ★★★★½ 


Blackberry 9900 Leather Pouch

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Perhaps another common item that is found in the Blackberry packages is the Leather Pouch. In the Local sets, this came with the pouch whilst certain export sets had the holster instead.


For the 9900, this smooth-finish leather pouch is perhaps the thickest original pouch I have came across from RIM. It seems to be pretty well padded on the insides which should give your phone a good protection against knicks and knacks.


For this, I found that the extra padding actually made it worse than it should have been for the pouch. Firstly, the padding made it so difficult to pull the device out. Secondly, the tight fit ensured that the side buttons and the trackpad are pressed on and “pressurized” upon inside the pouch. Thirdly, I dont seem to be able to have the magnet working. Indeed, RIM also released the “rugged” leather version for the 9900 just like the rugged version available for the other devices.


However, despite all the problems, it does well in protecting my device, and hence, the

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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