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What Is Your NS Story Winner – The 2 Love Of My Life

Earlier this month we hosted this exclusive competition, BlackBerry’s What Is Your NS Story Contest, for National Service (NS) men. Prizes included 2 Brand new BlackBerry Curve 9360 in black and white (non-camera+camera). So here we have our second winner!

Here we have Hazim, and here is his story:

I’m currently in the army and when I first enlisted, it was really tough both physically and mentally. I was obese, that contributed to the physically demanding factor while being away from my loved ones. This was never easy for me. My partner and I met while in polytechnic, and we are used to seeing each other everyday.

When National Service came, it was reduced to once a week and it also didn’t help that she had a 7pm curfew. Well, its been almost one year in the service, and we’re still together. Thanks to social networking site Facebook, I’m able to know how is she doing and what she is up to from time to time as the week goes by. I always let my thoughts out on Facebook too, so she will know exactly how I’m feeling and what I’m going through.

I still remember when it was our anniversary and coincidentally, we got together on the Friday the 13th. I loved wishing her on Facebook and I said, “Happy anniversary babe, I do not get why Friday the 13th is so unlucky. We got together on this very day. Myth busted, high five!” There’s nothing better than letting people know that you love them as much as they love you.

The other love of my life is my mother. She is a hard working woman that has to fuel the family of 6. As we weren’t very well off, She hardly took her time to sit down and talk as she was always busy with work 7 days a week. I understand as it wasn’t easy for her but being an angsty teen, you tend to be unreasonable.

Then, one day, she texted me through saying that, “National service is hard but my children are strong and you can overcome this. I love you, son.” It was simple words but it feels good to know that you’re accepted and loved. I never doubted a mother’s live ever since.

Congratulations to you, Hazim! This is very heartwarming to hear your story. Yes, we agree with you that there is nothing comparable to a mother’s love. We believe that the pair of Curve 9360 will help keep you and your mother in touch through BBM and other social media integrated deeply into the device.

So what does is Hazim’s feelings after winning?

I love how handy it is, as it is my first time owning a BlackBerry. I was very happy with how user friendly this device is. I like the screen resolution and how large the display is. Despite the size of the phone, it is very easy to navigate especially on applications such as Facebook. Rumours and reviews had it that internet surfing was very slow, even on Wi-Fi but so far, I have yet to encounter any problems with the internet speed as its been quite consistent. I hope I can upgrade my OS to 7.1 soon as I love to have FM Radio on my device. At the end of the day, a device is used to connect people and that is what it does for me. With applications that enable us to be closer to the ones we love.

Once again, congratulations to Hazim, we are glad to hear that the device is coming in handy for you!

The BlackBerry Curve 9360 is now available in both non-camera and camera variant, in white and black, from all telcos and authorized resellers.
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