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iOS Player Spotted On The PlayBook!

You know how the BlackBerry is compared to iOS and every single time it loses out against the iOS in terms of its sheer number of apps?

Well, a developer, Bubble Wrap, has actually managed to port into the PlayBook an iOS player allowing users to run iOS apps. And you can see it here in the video below running some of the apps not seen on the PlayBook such as Super Monkeyball, Sushi Cat as well as a map app in 1:45 which to me looks distinctively iOS.

Given RIM has already put the Android player officially into the PlayBook, an iOS emulator on it as well doesn’t seem too far fetched. That being said, I wouldn’t put my hopes up too high about having this come out officially from RIM, given the iOS platform has always been Apple proprietary. Cydia for BlackBerry anyone?


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