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Some tips for enlistees in Tekong

Well, its time for another round of enlistment next week and I do hope you recruits are keeping tab here! I have decided to compile a list of items that have been and are useful for me and i do hope its useful for you too. Read on for more!

– Given one roll, its usually enough to be used for the first 2 weeks, though many might need more. So bring one or two roll extra first.
Also known as Universal Cure, its used in just about anything to make things look neat or to make things stay in place.

Toilet Roll
– Given two rolls, it may or may not last you throughout. Most of us needed only that for the 2 week confinement. Might be a good idea to bring extra 2-3 rolls.
Toilets don’t come equipped with this, its a good idea to have one roll inside each of your bag as you neever know when nature will strike. Besides, you’ll need this during field camp!

– Not issued. You will need this to dry your clothes! I brought in about 12 hangers and 24 pegs. Just sufficient for me on most days.
Staying in camp for 2 weeks with only 3 sets of clothes, washing and drying of your clothes is your next most vital activity. Pegs will help you to protect your clothes from accidental dropping onto dirty pavements.

Coins ($$)
– Definitely not given! This is used for washing machines, dryers and/or drinks.
Different companies come with different policies and equipments. Some company blocks comes equipped with the above and you may or may not be able to purchase/use the above. Well, just bring just in case, you’ll never know. Oh, there’s no need to bring more than $30 though.

Washing Powder
-Not given.
Washing your clothes, washing powder is a must! Although if your washing your green uniform, a powder may not always be needed to wash it as it seems to be rather good at staying odourfree… But your other clothes, please wash properly!

– Toothpaste, toothbrush, shaver provided
Even though its given, bring your own; First, comfort is what it will bring as you’ll be more accustomized. Second, you dont need to keep arranging for standby beds or packing into fieldpacks.

– Sandals are given. You might find it useful during admin time to go toilet etc.
Even though sandals are comfortable and provided, the SAF version is weirdly, heavy. Bring your own slippers as it also provides you that edge when you rush for the restroom.

– Not provided.
Makes your bunk much nicer to live in and *may* give you a little more slack during inspection as bunk smells good. Febreeze is the wash-clothes-without-washing secret. Keeps your clothes freshsmelling if you dont feel like washing. (same day activities?)

– Not really given.
Area cleaning is an daily activity. Bring rags to make life easier. Maybe 2 or 3 will suffice. I brought 5.

Facial wash
– Not given.
Especially useful once you start with camo. Get those with the beads inside for a better wash (with camo)

– Not given. MO’s doesnt seem to work
Shouting, singing is common (straining of voice), this could be your miracle saver.

Blister Patch
– Not Given.
Bring some of this as your feet might not like that continuous marching…

Talcom Powder/Prickly Heat
– Given two SAF packs (non-“spicy”)
Bring this to reduce abrations and make life easier.

Pain Relief
– Not given.
From all that activity….

– only 4xAA given (need 3, so 1 extra)
No, i’m saying your electronic devices. Its a good idea to bring in extra batteries for your phone. I brought 5 batteries for my 9780.

– Not issued
You might find this useful during swimming sessions.

Watch (black rubber)
– Not issued
Very useful for keeping track of time. Company clocks always differs and it is of course, different from the real time outside.

Medicated Oil/insects cream
– Insect repellent given.
Well, mozzies are alot so are insects. Good idea to bring some to alleviate these irritants

  • Clorox says:

    Are portable chargers with no USB head allowed?

    May 26, 2012 at 9:57 pm
  • xmad says:

    Usually, yes. For my coy, it is allowed.

    May 26, 2012 at 10:05 pm

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