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5 FREE Mega Sound Apps by S4BB released

The team over at S4BB let us know today that they just released not one, but FIVE new FREE apps for the BlackBerry devices. With the release of the line Mega Sounds, it allows you to make your device blast out various kind of sounds based on the different themes. As per norms with new apps, this app is BBM connected.

Built with a cool and stylish user interface design with the matching color/design scheme for different themes, these apps lets you transform your phone in a shaver, or wake up your friend up with an annoying alarm tone or even ring your way through a crowded mall. Available for devices running OS 6 and above, this could be one a few rather fun app to have!

The flavors released include:

  • Race Car
  • Alarm
  • Bicycle Ring
  • Scream
  • Shaver

The Mega Race Car makes your phone sound like a passing Formula 1 car at full speed; the Mega Alarm makes your phone turn into a crazy alarm clock, allowing you to wake up a friend and/or family member with this loud, obnoxious sound. The Mega Bicycle Ring turns your phone into a bicycle ring which you could use on your rounds on your bike around the neighbourhood, whilst the Mega Scream creates a chilling scream that is targeted to scare people. Finally, they have the Mega Shaver, which of course, mimics the sound of your shaver.

Grab them for FREE now at the BlackBerry AppWorld:

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