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Email++ for BlackBerry Smartphone

BlackBerry is no doubt a all rounded email device. That’s a given fact. There is, however, always room to make a something even better. Devcellent Solutions, Inc., the developer for the ShutUp Camera application has done just that with flagship Application: Email++, a powerful inbox enhancement app that adds all kinds of new functionality to the native Messages application.

Here’s a list of the many features Email++ adds to your toolbox:

  • Convert To: Instantly convert emails into Appointments, Meetings, Memos or Tasks.
  • Forward/Reply with Edit: Respond to or forward emails with attachments and the ability to edit or even remove the original message.
  • Unsend: Avoid send accidents. Unsend your sent emails and avoid the big “oops”.
  • Set Priority: Set priority of new emails, as well as emails that are already in your inbox. A great way to flag messages.
  • Block: Block/filter emails by address or subject (exact or keyword based) with customizable actions such as Move To Junk, Delete and Mark Read.
  • My Availability: Get your availability for a specific day or a week.
  • My Location: Instantly get your GPS/Cell tower coordinates, address and a map url with you on it and include it in your email.
  • Message Preview: Microsoft Outlook-like popups no matter which app you’re working in, with instant action buttons such as Delete, Mark Read and View.
  • Templates: Convert any email to a template for frequent reuse
  • Automatic Image Downloader: Configure to download images automatically in HTML emails.
  • Each feature is fully customizable to suit your needs via the Email++ Preferences screen.

Email++’s deep integration allows you to quickly access availability, location, and fully customize when pop-ups appear. Don’t want email pop-ups to interrupt your game of BrickBreaker or Browser? No problem. Simply uncheck it in the Visibility list and you’re good to go.

I have used other applications similar to Email++ but none of those i have tried is as comprehensive as this. It packs in a whole range of features in one tiny little application. This took me 2 battery pulls to have it to work well on my BlackBerry 9780 and we are now going to try on the BlackBerry 9900.

Devcellent offers a free trial of 3 days (extendable by sharing the app with friends via email or social integration), free upgrades, and corporate rates. If you’re looking for ways to add power to your inbox, there’s no excuse for not checking out Email++.

Download Email++ from AppWorld (Free trial or S$5.00)

Download Email++ from Mobihand

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