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Why many of us still use a BlackBerry

For almost the course of a fortnight I found myself immersed in a brand new world that I thought I wouldn’t venture. I ended up putting my Blackberry Bold 9780 down and experimenting. At times, I hadn’t given myself the leeway to try other devices because of my devotion to a brand that I’d like to call my own, Blackberry.

During the last two weeks I’ve come to discover some of the most amazing features that Samsung has put into their Galaxy 1 and Galaxy 2 series. Between owning a Galaxy S1 and Galaxy S2 I realized that there was an entire world I hadn’t explored and I thought I had entered a brand new world. But after the honeymoon stage with my new operating system wore off, I noticed things about myself that I didn’t like.

Although each operating system has its weaknesses and strengths, I noticed amongst my list of reason to dislike the Android operating system, the biggest one was my inability to respond to messages. This may sound silly, but punctuation is an important part of communication. As is proper casing, and most importantly – to me, anyway – spelling. With the software keyboard, punctuation is difficult as you must go to a separate screen or wait for a popup menu to appear to show you your options, which at times are not appropriate for what you’re typing, and there’s a good chance you’re not going to hit the right one. The software often does not capitalize the beginning of sentences and definitely doesn’t highlight words that are incorrectly spelled in your language.

These reasons are just the beginning and I could expand more, but I’m sure you get my drift. Although the OS definitely possesses some features which I found extremely attractive, the reason I switched back ultimately was because my cellular phone had become a distraction and a toy. Aside from playing with it much too often, because of the horrible setup of any writing mechanisms, I was NOT responding to e-mails or SMS. This was my biggest concern. Why would I now pay exorbitant amounts to have this thing attached me to me when I wasn’t using it to communicate with people, which was it’s original plan?

So, to anyone and everyone who reads this, I apologize profusely for turning my back on your for half a month, but I am a die hard, devoted, and deeply concerned citizen of blackberry land who will unlikely travel for a long time. My only concern is that other people will lose interest in devices that really are faithful, functional, and fantastic all around.

Blackberry, I love you.

Via Khobbs@ BerryReview Forums
Here’s his misery:

Eventually all of our devices dropped on the wifi. I other word while the RIM devices were the most sensitive. It was definitely a router issue.

On the BlackBerry Bold 9930, as i get off the mountain house it looks like 3G data connectivity is fine. I don’t think it is a blackberry issue, although verizon said they thought it was.

So in the end it seems event transpired to give a worse impression of blackberry devices than they deserve (i.e., crapping out before others) but the underlyimg issues were not with them.

Also want to say, I managed to spend some quality time with the iPhone 4S. My conclusion is that while it is a beautiful device, I will NOT get one. The blackberry is a more efficient business device. I hope the new OS will keep features like flag for follow up, and the general context sensitive menus that don’t seem to be on the playbook even in 2.0. They are useful.

I can see why people like the iPhone, the software is beautiful. For me the blackberry is more functional, although I am all for adding more beauty to the OS.

Also, side by side I do think the Bold 9930 is a better looking device than the iPhone.

I just end by saying yesterday was a very low point but I emerge knowing I’m committed to RIM even more.

Via Kiddo@BerryReview Forums

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  • Roland Seh says:

    I had owned a Galaxy S2 and had originally intended to replace the BB with it. Two days of convert gave me withdrawal symptoms when i had to fidget with the software keyboard and also battery life. When i went back to my BB, i was alive again.

    January 31, 2012 at 8:53 am

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