The only BlackBerry community you will want to be in Singapore. Singapore BlackBerry users, unite!

HWZBB - The only BlackBerry community you will want to be in Singapore. Singapore BlackBerry users, unite!

Today BlackBerry Classic Launched in Singapore

Yesterday, BlackBerry launched the new Classic smartphone at an event in New York City. This morning, the company has now hosted its launch event in Singapore and officially announced the Classic will be available through all major Singapore operators. This QWERTY-packing device brings back many of the main aspects die-hard BlackBerry fans love. Check out the press release below for more!
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Navigation keys built into the BlackBerry Classic

As most folks should know by now, in addition to the traditional navigation keys, the BlackBerry Classic also sees the return of time-saving default shortcuts that were missing from previous BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Sure, BlackBerry 10 launched with around 200 shortcuts included, but some of those that many felt ‘made a BlackBerry a BlackBerry’ were missing. The BlackBerry Classic fixes that in a few ways.

One is through the default shortcuts, and the other is through the BlackBerry 10.3.1 software which allows you to customize the shortcuts to suit your personal needs. Continue reading

BlackBerry Classic Launch Now in New York

BlackBerry CEO John Chen talking about Kim K causing him a hard time, in a good way and talk about 2014. And how the keyboard is a crown jewel of the company, and he said that back in January, that the keyboard would be central going forward. Talk about product releases this year.. new BES, BBM updates, Passport. “extremely gratifying year”. Passport has done very well. Lot of people love it. Lots of color variants coming out on Passport.

Chen said: “a lot of them pulled out their 9900’s or Curves, and the people he talked to said don’t mess around with the keyboard and trackpad.”
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Video BlackBerry 10 BBM, Lockscreen, App World, and Game Center

While at BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012 we got to go hands-on with the new BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B. The device is essentially the same as the first BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, as far as internals go.

However, as you can see from the video, the Dev Alpha B has a different ornamental design. The Dev Alpha B also has a removable battery, unlike the original Dev Alpha. Continue reading