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Klipsch – Image X10 In-Ear earphones

Klipsch Image X10This headphone came in before Xmas and didn’t get around writing the review. It was on sale for the Black Friday. Anyway, I was happy to see the package arriving my door steps and the package was really pretty and woottttts. Its like opening a cute little box of surprise.

Klipsch Image X10 In-Ear Headphones in boxHidden in this box made me felt like I had to take it out carefully and the travel box that came with it was classic looking too. Eagar, I tried the headphone on my Bold 9900 and to my pleasant surprise the sound that came out of the earpiece was awesome. I felt that I was in a room filled with music alone and nothing else. The sound was balanced and the head of the headphone is comfy and doesn’t has the irritating feeling when you put on the earpiece.

However, the earpiece was lacking the strong bass of the music which is essential for me when it comes to listening to dance music. Its not a good choice for those kind of music, for acoustics, it brings out the wonderful melody and the mood of the music. I tried the earpiece on my Nokia 710 without having to turn up the volume to the max to bring out the best performance of the earpiece.

Overall, it is a worthy purchase as it is light to carry around with the compact case and I don’t’ have to worry about breaking the earpiece due to carelessness, which I’ve did to many past earpiece. Tried on ipod, 9900 and Nokia 710, my final choice to go with the earpiece wold be Nokia 710 which has one of the better music player hardware built as compared to the other two.

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