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Navigation keys built into the BlackBerry Classic

As most folks should know by now, in addition to the traditional navigation keys, the BlackBerry Classic also sees the return of time-saving default shortcuts that were missing from previous BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Sure, BlackBerry 10 launched with around 200 shortcuts included, but some of those that many felt ‘made a BlackBerry a BlackBerry’ were missing. The BlackBerry Classic fixes that in a few ways.

One is through the default shortcuts, and the other is through the BlackBerry 10.3.1 software which allows you to customize the shortcuts to suit your personal needs. You can set letter specific speed dials, shortcuts to launch apps, and even customize which letters launch the compose action, which is not linked into any one type of message. This means you can set the shortcut to compose an email, a BBM message, or even a tweet

Have a look at some of the default actions built into the OS:

  • Launch the Browser – B
  • Compose a Message – Within the BlackBerry Hub – C
  • Launch the Weather App – W
  • Launch the Calculator – U
  • Launch BBM – N
  • Lock BlackBerry Classic – K
  • Toggle Notification Modes – Q
  • Launch Settings – O
  • Open Contacts/Address Book – A
  • Launch Help – H
  • Create a new Note – D
  • Launch Phone – P
  • Launch Clock – R

Use these shortcuts in the Hub and email to be even more productive:

  • R – Reply to Message
  • L – Reply to All
  • F – Forward Message
  • T – Go to top of inbox (or message)
  • B – Go to bottom of inbox (or message) N – Move to the next date
  • P – Move to the previous date
  • U – Move to the next unopened item
  • S – Search inbox
  • Hans Lerch says:

    I inadvertently erased to Q shortcut, switching from normal to silent, and I cannot re-install it. Any advise? Many thanks.

    August 2, 2015 at 6:39 pm

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