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Debunking The Phone Charging Myths

We have heard many myths about charging your phone, from not touching the device whilst it is charging to always let the battery drain prior to recharging. However, some of these actions may actually do more harm than good. Do you know which is good and which is bad? Let us take a look!

Phone batteries have evolved so much over the years, becoming smarter and easier to manage. Most lithium-ion batteries should last between three and five years, if you take proper care of it.

1. Using other charger’s will damage the device

Truth: Well there is truth and false in this. Yes, using cheap knock-off or pirated chargers will no doubt damage or spoil your device but using original chargers are fine. As you see, original chargers, from Belkin, Apple, Samsung or BlackBerry can be used to charge your phone, even though it is not the same brand, but it is OK. Of course, that said, it is best to use a charger with specifications as close as possible to the original charger, because of the requirements by the phone (See the BlackBerry PSA).

Check out this experiment by lifehacker

2. Charging your phone overnight will kill the battery.

Truth Again, there is give and take for this. However, phones these days have protection built into it: As long as it is fully charged up, it will stop charging and start using the input power to power the phone instead. So, that means that the battery isn’t even in use at all.

However, that said, charging it overnight everyday might not be the best idea either since the battery will discharge and when it does, the system will power in to charge it again.

3. When charging, you should not use the phone.

Truth: It is relatively ok to use the phone, again, as long as (1) is fulfilled. Sure there was a incident in China where a Apple iPhone user was electrocuted or had their devices damaged/burnt. Whilst the report indicated that these users had used ‘unauthorized‘ or ‘pirated‘ chargers, whether or not this is true is up for anyone’s guess.

Sure, whilst it is safe to use whilst charging, do it with caution – if you realize that your phone is heating up to exceptionally warm, it is time to stop to let it cool.

4. Don’t charge your phone until it’s completely dead.

Truth: False! Our Lithium-ion batteries will definitely fare better when they’re charged or rather, charged before its drained. If it gets drained to zero too often, it can become unstable, in fact, if you over-drain it, the battery will be dead.

5. You never need to turn your phone off (also known as restart)

Truth: False, absolutely false! Give your phone a restart perhaps before you go to sleep or start charging it. This helps to clear out the system clutters and can help to maximize the battery life as less system resource will be hogged.

6. Keeping your battery cold can extend the battery life

Truth: Not at all. Lithium-ion batteries, the once used these days, would heat itself and will get warm while they’re being charged. However, if the battery is too warm, it is also not too good. So keep the battery at room temperature for the best performance.

Do you guys have any more other tips? Let us know!

PS: For some added fun, do try out Battery Watch by S4BB for free below. Sure you can tinker with the device monitor, but this adds some interesting UI and voices for these!

Download Version 4.0.5 here! (Note: You need OS 10.2.1 and above on your BlackBerry 10 device!)

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