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The Consumer’s Path to Purchase: Why One Application Over Another?

Image Credit: immediatefuture.co.uk

Many applications, are similar, in their nature. So what attracts users to one application over the other application? In the first part of the consumer’s consideration, we take a look at the first 3 reasons.

  1. Logo
    7 in 10 or 70% of the consumers will judge and take logos seriously in their considerations. Hence, a well designed logo that is explanatory for your application is important for the first impression.
  2. App’s Rating
    8 in 10 or 80% of the consumers look at the Application’s star rating before purchasing or downloading. By a rule of thumb, anything above 3.8 out of 5 stars is attractive.
  3. Name
    in 10 or 60% of the consumers considers an application based on its name as well.  A catchy name helps to attract customers to your application once the 2 above have already been considered.

So what are the other judgmental cues?

We will take a look at it in the next installment!

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