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Review: Seidio Innocell Extended Battery For the BlackBerry 9900

With the launch of the BlackBerry 9900 RIM took a step back in battery life performance in the Bold series. The battery on the 9700/9780 was exceptional, though it was not 4G, the battery and device were thicker, but with the 9900 RIM slimmed down the device along with the battery. That is where Seidio is picking up the slack with the Innocell Extended battery.Like its other Innocell series, the extended battery does pack quite a bit of extra power! The specifications on the new battery are below:

  • Comes with a black replacement door featuring Seidio’s signature soft touch coating
  • Keeps your phone charged and ready to go, even with heavy phone and data usage
  • Compatible with Bold 9900/9930 without a cloning kit — Works right out of the box
  • Rated capacity: 3000mAh
  • Compatible with Seidio Spring-Clip Holster

At my current office, the building is one of those old brick buildings that makes it practically impossible to get a signal making my cellphone work 100 times harder to get a signal. With the regular battery my device on any given day would run out of juice within a few hours, and most of the time it doesn’t make it through the day without having to charge. The guys over at Seidio sent me their recent addition to their line of products, the Innocell Extended battery. The battery does not make your device look better but it does delivering a good source of power for those heavy users or in my case, making the battery last me through the day.

First use:

The manufacturer recommends charging the battery to full power for a few times when you first use it, and letting it charge for another five hours after, this gives you max potential.

Note from Seidio: In order to obtain the full capacity of your Seidio battery, we highly recommend that you leave the battery/your phone on the charger for an additional 2-3 hours after the charging indicator turns green or the battery status shows full. Continue for 5-6 charging cycles for optimal performance.

The Good

The extended battery even with my weak signal it last almost a day and a half, and keeps me from having to worry about my phone dying early during the day. The battery is perfect for those times when you are traveling, or at an event. The back cover is easy to clip on the device, and covers the back of the phone without any play, making a tight fit. The battery charges fast, and with the PlayBook charger, the battery charges in about the same times as the old battery.  One example: in 10 minutes it charged my battery about 10-15 percent.

The Bad

The extended battery does add a bit of weight, and it sticks out in the back  and NFC does not work because you cannot use the same back cover the device comes with.


The battery delivers a much needed power boost compared to the OEM battery. If you are in need of a longer power supply this is probably the best option out there. The battery is a bit pricey but fair enough for what you get. The original BlackBerry OEM battery cost $89.00 from RIM or around $45 from authorized resellers.

Purchase the Seidio extended battery for us$69.99 from Seidio or $100.38 from us.

Seidio backSeido side

Review credit: [email protected]

  • Francis Widjaja says:

    i am in Singapore tomorrow. Where can I buy this from you? I need 3 of them

    August 12, 2012 at 9:11 am
    • xmad says:


      We got no stock now, however, feel free to place an order (reach 2weeks)

      August 12, 2012 at 11:41 am

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