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Tip: Using The BlackBerry OS 7.1 Application Resource Monitor to Automatically Kill Battery Sucking Apps

RIM seems to be really working hard to add more and more features to the BlackBerry OS 7.1 which is great news for us. Now, RIM actually has this new built in feature on the OS 7.1 called Application Resource Monitor. This is really something that I have been waiting for.What this feature does is that it will automatically monitors running processes on your BlackBerry that are running in the background or using excessive CPU or timers and it allows you to set them to shut down before they kill your battery. You can also whitelist certain apps and more so it is like an intelligent automated task manager for problematic apps.

With this feature coming in a while in OS 7.1, having it on older devices (by allowing them to download) would be good though this would make it less incentive to upgrade and enjoy the latest OS7. The BlackBerry 10 & the PlayBook OS should also more or less have something like this being done automatically in the background so I am not sure if it will be necessary in the future devices.

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