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Moving Contacts from Apple iPhone to BlackBerry & comparison

Everyone really wants a smartphone, be it a BlackBerry, an iPhone, windows phone, android or even all. Basically, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone can be considered to be top of the list in most instances here and they come with their own Pros and Cons. BlackBerry is a top choice for a lot of male users and many female users and if your thinking of converting from iPhone to a Berry, here’s some help moving your contacts.So how do you decide which to choose? Most people might say that the Apple iPhone is so much better than BlackBerry or vice-versa. No, we are not selling anything here but then again, I’m sure a lot of people will wonder what is better; the BlackBerry or Apple iPhone?

It then again really boils down to your needs. My personal choice is the Berry because I need the BBM communication and a good e-Mail device (should I can say more of a work phone?). But if you really do like a lot of apps and games, Apple iPhone would then be the choice.

Pros of BlackBerry

  • Battery life is much longer lasting (Except the newer models* running on J-M1 or F-S1)
  • BlackBerry Messenger (Solid/Secure Communication)
  • Keyboard is better to type and much easier (addictive should i mention)
  • Better (plus efficient!) e-Mail client
  • Good notification system (aka LED)
  • Cheap batteries
  • Easy to troubleshoot (and cheap to repair; except again for the newer models*)
  • Very very secure
  • Memory is external (NOTE:can be a con if you use a very slow or cheap memory card!!)
  • BlackBerry Protect

Pros of iPhone

  • Camera is, well, better quality and versatile
  • Touchscreen is very sensitive and sharp/clear
  • Apps and Games, anything you want they have it on App Store (mention jailbreak anyone?)
  • A lot more accessories such as covers, camera lens which range from very affordable to very elite
  • iCloud & iMessage

Cons of BlackBerry

  • Apps and Games is development is still way behind
  • Browsing experience

Cons of iPhone

  • Battery life is not great
  • Keyboard is very clunky, and predictive text is awful
  • Touch screen has taken some criticism however the general consensus is that you get quicker with practice
  • Can’t expand memory
  • Hard/expensive to repair
  • Very water/liquid sensitive
  • Not secure – OTA backups/message can easily be intercepted or copied by other users on the same (wifi) network as you!

I have to add, of course, in any case (even if iPhone HAD non-camera), a BlackBerry would still be a NSF’s favourite weapon for communication because of its relative ability to handle roughness and climate.

If you have been a iPhone user and is planning to convert over to a Berry user, here’s a quick step by step guide on how to do it. Utilizing Microsoft Outlook and Apple iTunes, synchronization to your BlackBerry can be done in a short jiffy.

Step 1

Connect your Apple iPhone to your computer. iTunes should automatically detect and launch. Once it does so, click “Devices,” click the “Info” tab.

Step 2

Click “Contacts”, “Sync contacts from” and then choose “Outlook.” You can synchronize all contacts or choose “Selected groups” and choose the contacts to synchronize. Click on “Apply” to import your iPhone contacts to Microsoft Outlook.

Step 3

Disconnect or unplug your iPhone from your computer and connect the BlackBerry to your computer and open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager (Download: DM5 DM6 DM7[used for this illustration purpose])

Step 4

Select “Organizer”. Tick on the “Contacts” and a pop up screen will show the “Configure Contacts / Synchronization”

Step 5

My advise would be to do a Two Way between your device and your computer for Sync direction. As for Account setting, choose Microsoft Outlook then click OK.

Step 6

Once all the settings have been done, click on the Sync button and the software will do the rest. All the contacts from Apple iPhone should be the same on Address Book for your BlackBerry.

Now, enjoy your Berry!! 🙂

*Newer models such as: 9380/9800/9810/9860/9790/9900/9930

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