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Color ID for BlackBerry

Color ID is probably the first and the longest running BlackBerry LED customizer app out there. Released way back in 2009, Motek Mobile has been constantly updating the application, keeping it not only streamlined, easy to use, but also adding more features to it. Indeed, there are many other apps such as BeBuzz by Bellshare which has similar functionality as this application, why choose this application?

Motek are more probably known for their famous Screen Muncher application but, Color ID was probably one of their first few applications and it has been around for a long long time, and features such as disco lights was first introduced by them and subsequently, copied. The idea behind these apps was to allow users to know instantly who or where an email, sms or incoming call (and now, BBM) is from just from the colors of the flashing light on your BlackBerry device. Its is now the top 3 best selling app for BlackBerry of all time.

They have 2 different versions – Free and paid.

Both versions support the same features, with the exception that the free version only allows customized settings for 2 contacts only.

There are also indeed free alternatives in the appworld, but many do drain the battery life for some reason, but Color ID, having used it for many years (from my 8320 era…), definitely wont. Furthermore, Motek Support do reply very quickly and professionally to problems faced by the app.

The best thing I love about this application is its simplicity of the application and the clean professional interface of it.

Although it costs slightly on a more premium side of SGD$7.75, this application is very worthwhile.

Get the Full version at the Appworld or Try out the Free version for free today!

Some benchmarks for Color ID:

  • 1 Billion BBM messages Color ID’d per month
  • DAUs (Daily Active Users): 580,000 and growing
  • Color BBM: 29,000,000 per day
  • Color SMS: 2,500,000 per day | 567,000,000 past year
  • Color email: 23,000 per day | 13,000,000 past year
  • Top 5 best-selling apps EVER on BlackBerry App World

That’s quite a bit I have to say..

But i think a PlayBook version could be coming soon! 😀

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  • caulibeam says:

    1 time payment or need to pay to upgrade every major release like bebuzz?

    April 11, 2012 at 5:23 pm
    • Admin says:

      Its a 1 time payment for Motek Apps 🙂 thanks for highlighting! 😛

      April 11, 2012 at 5:27 pm

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