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OptionPlus Utility App updated

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OptionPlus is a “all-in-one” application as it boasts a collection of utilities including things like vibrate on call connect, save new numbers after calls, insert contact info into email, and more. OptionPlus (aka Option+) utility app has just recently been updated with a new UI and some new added features. As such a small app, this will also help save much precious memory for so many features.

Features include:

  • Vibrate when connected: When you make a call, Option+ will notify using a short vibration when the call actually gets connected.You don’t need to put your BB on your ear too soon. It’s not good for your health.
  • Vibrate when disconnected: In case the call gets dropped on one or both sides, Option+ will notify using a short vibration. So you will know in stead of keeping talking to no one, this looks pretty silly.
  • Vibrate during call: You can customize the amount of seconds for Option+ notifying periodically while you are on phone. This will save your credit in case you don’t need to waste another minutes.
  • Handle new number: Whenever you make or receive a call, if the number is not yet existed in the address book. Option+ will prompt you to add it as new contact or update existing contact with this new number. This is very handy feature, save a lot of time and extremely convenience.
  • Flash Light: Integrate Flash Light feature into global Menu. This allows you at any time you need a torch in the dark, all you need is pressing the Menu button, your torch is right there for you.
  • Insert Contact: Integrate Insert Contact feature into global Menu. Whenever you are in the middle of composing BBM, Email, Text message… And you’d like to insert a contact’s number from your address book, you just need to press the Menu button right there, Option+ will bring your contact list and let you choose the one you want to insert.
  • Option+ is integrated into Blackberry default Options. This means you won’t see its icon on home screen. Thus whenever you need to adjust your settings, just go to BlackBerry default Options, look for Option+.

Check out OptionPlus in App World for $1.35

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