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Card2Contact – Convert Your Business Cards into Contacts

Business cards are used across almost every industry and job function all around the world, hence, its no wonder that we have plenty of these cards lying around. Card2Contact is a new BlackBerry App that seeks provide a solution to store business cards – by having it saved directly into the address book on your device. The developers claims to have 100% accuracy on the transcription by having it all done manually!

How the application works and the use of it is very simple; Armed with your BlackBerry device and the Card2Contact App, all you need to do is, take a picture of any business card that you want to transcribe and upload it to the Card2Contact’s Manual Transcription Team. The team will then ensure 100% accuracy by manually transcribing it before returning the contact information to your device. After which, you can view the contact anytime or add the information to your permanent contact address book on your BlackBerry device. In addition, they work 24/7 to provide an unmatched turnaround time and a reliable transcription service.

After installing the application, you will receive 4 complimentary credits that allows for four free card transcriptions to experience their service. After that, you have to purchase credits, priced at us$10 for 30 credits with each credit allowing you to transcribe one business card.

Features at a glance:

  1. First business card conversion app for BlackBerry with human verification!
  2. A Manual Transcription Team does the transcription
  3. You don’t need an assistant or text/voice recognition technology for conversion
  4. 100% accuracy
  5. In-app features allow you to take a picture of the business card, upload information, and buy credits.
  6. Secure and reliable dedicated servers!
  7. No data will be saved once its added to your contact list
  8. All the information on the Business Card will be sent.

Available for devices running OS5 and above, Card2Card is available for download from:

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