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Otterbox Impact Series for Blackberry Bold Touch 9900/9930 Review

Today I’m gonna write a short review about this case, Otterbox Impact Series for Blackberry Bold Touch 9900/9930. Unfortunately the only colour available is black.

Otterbox is generous enough to provide us some free goodies including screen protector and microfiber cloth inside the package. Screen protector is those normal glossy type, I’m not really sure about the quality but i think it should be adequate enough to protect your screen.

Otterbox box back

So here’s how it looks like on the blackberry 9900/9930:

As you can see, it covers almost all parts of the blackberry including the area below the keypad and above the screen.

For those who are wondering if it feels nice to press the lock/sleep button, don’t worry, it still feels like a breeze.

This comfort level also applies to the side buttons, including the volume rocker and camera button.

Normal hole cuttings for the left rim: headset jack and charging port.

Material wise, I can vouch that this case has the best rubber/silicone quality. Most cheap silicone casings tend to get stretchy/loose over time, but I believe this one will not. It feels very solid and much thicker than those cheap cheap silicone cases. Well of course, it will make your phone abit bulkier but since it is very thick, I guess with this case any kind of drop will not be able to scratch your phone at all.

It does have anti-dust coating but it will disappear over time if you keep rubbing and touching the case, just like any other silicone cases.

Most importantly, it feels very comfortable to hold. It was slippery at first, but after that it feels very firm.

Here’s how the back looks like:

There is a nice pattern on the back with big “Otterbox” logo below. Personally I do like the pattern alot. Eventhough the blackberry logo is hidden, the case will give your phone a new manly look.

Normal cuttings for camera lens, flash, and microphone for video recording.

The pattern is also apparent on the area which sports the camera lens and flash.

That’s all for the review. Overall I will rate this case 9/10.

Buy this case if you:

– like superb protection

– like big, bold look on your phone

– like non-slip material

Don’t buy this case if you:

– hate cases which make your phone bigger and thicker

– hate dusts sticking on your phone (although you can clean the dusts easily)

P.S.: Since there are so many sellers that sell fake otterbox around, be safe and buy yours from trusted resellers only!

Otterbox box

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