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3M Privacy Filter for Blackberry Bold 9900

Have you ever feel that your privacy is being violated on the streets? Constantly having people looking at what you are typing or watching on your phone? Stuck in packed buses or trains with no private space to use your phone without people looking? Never like it but you can’t do anything? Don’t worry! I have a solution!

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

3M’s privacy screen protector for BlackBerry Bold 9900 allows you to work on emails, text messages, and other functions without onlookers seeing what’s on your screen. It darkens the device screen when viewed from the side so your private information doesn’t become public knowledge.

Package includes:
1 x Privacy screen filter (Made in Japan)
1 x Cleaning cloth


  • Helps prevent others from viewing information on mobile devices
  • Gives you the freedom to text, email, and send and receive pictures without having your personal communications become public information
  • Display remains clear and easy to read
  • Helps protect the fragile LCD surface from scratches and damage that occur with everyday use
  • Light matte surface helps reduce screen glare
Photos of 3M’s privacy screen protector for BlackBerry Bold 9900

3M privacy front view

This is the direct view that you will see, It looks as if the 9900 doesnt have a screen protector on it. But if you look closely, there is 🙂

3M privacy font view

Some people said with privacy filter on, your words will be pixelated, but I don’t agree. I still can view my photos clearly so I don’t see why people will complain.

3M privacy side view

As you can see, once you tile your phone sideways, your screen will appear to have turn black and onlookers will NOT be able to see your screen.

3M side with info

If you tile it back slightly towards yourself, then you will be able to see some of the screen. But onlookers will not be so close to you to be able to see your screen.

3M privacy another side view

Here is another photo of the side view. As you can see, the screen appears to be black even though there is content in your screen.

Additional Information

3M privacy screen protector retails between $30 – $40 from various shops in Sim Lim Square. Although it is more pricey than other screen protectors but this is really the one to go for if you really want your privacy in public. No other brands offers such good quality screen protectors other than 3M.
For those seeking a reliable place to buy it from, its available from maddy @ $30 with registered mail.

The sensitivity on the 3M privacy screen protector is pretty good. I have tried other brands of screen protector that are too thick and the sensitivity is compromised.

3M privacy screen protector has a matte surface that doesn’t leave fingerprints on your Bold 9900 screen. Dust are also easy to clean with just a simple wipe.

The only issue there is on the 3M is that it has cut out for for only for the speakers. This means that the LED notification light and sensors are all blocked out by the privacy screen protector which may be an issue for some.

Note: This product is purchased by the author himself and not sponsored.

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