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National Post Tries To Highlight The Pros Of Iphone 6… By Comparing To A BlackBerry Bold 9700

I thought this was worth mentioning, because, it looks just kinda stupid. So, they compared the newly released Apple iPhone 6 to that of a BlackBerry Bold 9700 that has been with her for 5 years (it has actually been out for 5 years). In essence, they are saying that the iPhone 6 is only better than the 5 year old BlackBerry Bold device, and whatever released after that is probably better, that the iPhone is lousier than. Continue reading

BlackBerry Z3 Is Designed In-House

Contrary to popular believes, even myself got mixed up, is that the BlackBerry Z3′s industrial designing was done in-house at BlackBerry, and not in China/Taiwan/Foxconn. This allows and has enabled BlackBerry to mantain that same similar root DNA across the portfolio of devices. Here, with Brian Paschke and Donny Halliwell from inside BlackBerry, they have decided to clear up the air. Continue reading