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Poseidon’s Pizza Game For BlackBerry Z series/PlayBook!

Let’s take a look at another Built For BlackBerry Game. Whilst the game only supports the longer devices, and not the squarish of the Q devices, it also supports the BlackBerry PlayBook. The best fact is that this game is currently coded in Flash, but it will soon be updated to include the Unity Game engine, before OS 10.3 lands! Continue reading

The Bard’s Tale – An Exciting Game Now On BlackBerry PlayBook

The Bard’s Tale title is certainly no stranger to the gaming universe as its origination can be fully traced back to the days of early gaming – in the year 1985! Originally designed by Interplay, the RPG is generally acknowledged by most gamers as one of the first RPG’s. In 2004, the game was revived by inXile Entertainment and released on the PC, Xbox and PS2. Then in 2011 the game was made available on iOS devices and more recently became available on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Continue reading

Stellarium – A 3D Planet Paradise For Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Stellarium Stellarium4

Stellarium is an amazing 3D planetarium software that was just ported to the PlayBook. The app is based on the open source Stellarium Linux/Windows project and does a great job of making it all touch friendly. I am not sure if the developer is associated with the Stellarium project but either way I have to say I am impressed with how this app packs the whole view of the sky into your PlayBook. Continue reading