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ShutUp Camera for BlackBerry

Earlier this month we introduced to you Silent Camera by Toysoft which helps to mute your camera. Now, Devcellent Solutions let us know about their latest app for BlackBerry called ShutUp Camera. This similar app lets users take pictures using the BlackBerry native camera app without the shutter sound. Unlike other apps that takes low resolution screenshots to silently take pictures, ShutUp Camera lets you use the same BlackBerry Camera app but simply mutes the shutter sound. Continue reading

Silent Camera by Toysoft

A lot of people has been asking me how to shut the shutter sound on the BlackBerry devices. Taking photos stealthy is not always a bad thing; For example, as student, you need your camera to take photos in a lecture theater but imagine each slide pass there is a “click” sound. Well, on OS 6 and below, it was easy – just use CameraToGo, whilst there was not any solutions for OS 7 until now. Continue reading