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OptionPlus Utility App updated

Options Plus3
Options Plus2

OptionPlus is a “all-in-one” application as it boasts a collection of utilities including things like vibrate on call connect, save new numbers after calls, insert contact info into email, and more. OptionPlus (aka Option+) utility app has just recently been updated with a new UI and some new added features. As such a small app, this will also help save much precious memory for so many features. Continue reading

Card2Contact – Convert Your Business Cards into Contacts

Business cards are used across almost every industry and job function all around the world, hence, its no wonder that we have plenty of these cards lying around. Card2Contact is a new BlackBerry App that seeks provide a solution to store business cards – by having it saved directly into the address book on your device. The developers claims to have 100% accuracy on the transcription by having it all done manually! Continue reading