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Reviewed: Kingston Advanced Class 10 UHS-I (64GB) [Also Known As Kingston UltimateX MicroSD]

Kingston Advanced Class 10 UHS-I (64GB) [Also Known As Kingston UltimateX MicroSD] Retail Packing

Today, we will be looking at a popular brand which is one of the veterans in the field of memory modules. Kingston, is probably a brand you have heard of and as a major brand in memory modules, they definitely would not miss out on these 64GB microSD’s. As such, we will look at their cheaper, lower-tier card today which is the Kingston Advanced Class 10 UHS-I with the product code of SDCX10. Continue reading

Reviewed: Lexar High-Performance UHS-I MicroSD [300x]

Lexar High-Performance UHS-I microSD [300x] Old Retail Packing

Today, we will be looking at another brand. Lexar is American brand that was bought by Micro Technologies and merged with Crucial. However, Micron have maintained Lexar separately, allowing Lexar to continue selling and manufacturing, innovating their line of flash memory products that includes memory cards and flash media. Today, we have here a mid-range Lexar microSD card, the Lexar High-Performance UHS-I microSD [300x]. Continue reading

National Post Tries To Highlight The Pros Of Iphone 6… By Comparing To A BlackBerry Bold 9700

I thought this was worth mentioning, because, it looks just kinda stupid. So, they compared the newly released Apple iPhone 6 to that of a BlackBerry Bold 9700 that has been with her for 5 years (it has actually been out for 5 years). In essence, they are saying that the iPhone 6 is only better than the 5 year old BlackBerry Bold device, and whatever released after that is probably better, that the iPhone is lousier than. Continue reading

BlackBerry Awarded Three Red Dot Design Awards for the BlackBerry Q5, Q10 and Z30

Following the BlackBerry Z10′s Red Dot Design award last year, BlackBerry is back at it again. This year they have scored a total of three awards, for the Q5, Q10 and Z30 being awarded the design award. This award comes from the Red Dot international, with a 40 member expert panel that covered almost 5,000 devices from 53 countries based on quality and innovation. A big kudos to the design team behind these devices, are you proud to have a Red Dot Design device? Continue reading