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Limited Edition Black/Gold BlackBerry Passport Coming Soon?

BlackBerry Black/Gold

Last year, an image of the exclusive BlackBerry Passport in Black/Gold combination was sent around, but reaching out to BlackBerry, they confirmed that at that the point of time, it was not planning to produce it. However, fast forward to 2015, BlackBerry seems to be ready to release it, albeit as a limited-limited edition. Unlike the limited-edition Red, this Gold/Black BlackBerry Passport will be available, in a limited quantity of 50 pieces only. Continue reading

Reviewed: PNY Turbo Performance High Speed MicroSD (64GB)

PNY Turbo Performance High Speed MicroSD (64GB) Front

After taking a look at Sony and Samsung, let us look at another relatively unknown brand (here in Singapore) for the first review of the year, PNY. PNY is a American company that manufactures memory and computer accessories that has been around since 1985. It is definitely not as big as SanDisk or Lexar, but still it does OEM services to other companies and one big client is HP. Nonetheless, thanks to Patrick Ng, we have a retail unit here to benchmark, so let us take a look now! Continue reading

Reviewed: Samsung PRO microSD (New 2014 Model) (64GB)

Samsung PRO microSD (New 2014 Model) (64GB) Retail Front

After looking at the older model of the PRO series microSD card, today we will take a look at the new model. Released earlier this year alongside with the Samsung EVO series, the new PRO series is meant to replace the older PRO series, yet keeping the same series name. Sporting a performance of 90MB/s for read and 80MB/s for write, that is a huge step up from the 70MB/s, 20MB/s for the old series. So how will this match up? Continue reading