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BlackBerry Singapore Service Centre Moved – 2017 May Update

BlackBerry Expert Center

As many of you guys might have realized, BlackBerry Expert Centre is no longer at The Cathay, where they moved to in 2012. Now, they have officially moved already, much to everyone’s frustration, to TWO locations, depending on your device. So do please take note of the following details when attempting to service your local devices.

Update: Service centre has moved again. Please take note.
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BlackBerry Rolls Out May Android Update

BlackBerry Android Updates

The Android update has finally hit the DTEK60 after BlackBerry skipped the April update for the device due to compatibility issues. The latest May update brings the OS version to 1 May 2017 and 5 May 2017 respectively (AAL135 for DTEK50 and AAL158 for DTEK60). The update for Priv should be on the way. Despite BlackBerry ceasing sales for the BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry is still committed to serving the device with software improvements and updates, with Nougat rumoured to be coming soon to the device. On the side note, owners of KEYone can expect to receive an OS update, right out of the box as well. Continue reading

BlackBerry Discontinues BlackBerry 10 Devices and BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry 10 Devices

BlackBerry has officially discontinued the BlackBerry 10 devices, including the BlackBerry Passport, Classic and others, officially stopping sales from ShopBlackBerry. In addition, the iconic BlackBerry Priv has too, been stopped for sales already, though is still available elsewhere cheaply. Whilst accessories are still available, the devices itself are no longer available from BlackBerry directly.

BlackBerry KEYone – Upcoming Accessories

BlackBerry KEYone

The BlackBerry KEYone has been delayed till May, at the earliest, but this has not stopped queries on the accessories that would be available for the device. Well, at this point of time, we know, of course, that BlackBerry will be coming up with official cases for it, as usual. In addition, we also know that Tetded (a China accessories company), Tumi and Incipio will be chipping in some protection for the KEYone. Here, with courtesy of BlackBerries.ru, here are the BlackBerry KEYone accessories. Continue reading

BlackBerry Releases Year-End and Q4 Fiscal 2017 Results

Earlier today, BlackBerry released their latest fiscal results – their Year-End and Q4 fiscal 2017 results. In short, their Non-GAAP revenue for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2017 was $297 million with GAAP revenue of $286 million. Approximately 80% of the fourth quarter Software & Services segment revenue (excluding IP licensing and professional services) was recurring. BlackBerry had over 3,500 enterprise customer orders in the quarter. Continue reading

BlackBerry Updates Android Applications

BlackBerry March-April 2017 Updates

Its again the end of March and next month, is definitely going to be an interesting one with the imminent shipping of the new BlackBerry KEYone device. This round, the changelogs for most of the applications are pretty much mainly bug fixes, performance enhancements or improvements. The most eye-catching, however, is the BlackBerry Productivity Hub update where it has been overhauled with a new look and features which we would talk about more in a later post. Continue reading

BlackBerry Privacy Shade Officially Announced

Apart from the OS update and application update, BlackBerry has also released a new application – the BlackBerry Privacy Shade for Android devices. The BlackBerry Privacy Shade, in short, is an interesting little app that allows you to selectively choose to cover (darken that screen area) anything that is displayed on your screen so that others can’t look at it. Privacy Shade lets you adjust the transparency of the filter to suit the surroundings. Continue reading