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Is This The BlackBerry Slider ‘Venice’?

These could potentially be the first clear images of the upcoming BlackBerry Slider also known as ‘Venice’. The BlackBerry Venice here shows the SIM card slot and microSD (yes! There is still the microSD card slot) are at the top where the lock button is now missing. Since earlier this year when BlackBerry first unveiled it, we also know that it will come with dual curved screens too. Finally, we also know that the device should be coming in at about 9.7mm in thickness. Check it out in the full resolution below! Continue reading

Aaron Lalvani Is BlackBerry’s Senior Director of Business Development, IoT

BlackBerry has appointed Aaron Lalvani as their senior director of business development, IoT. He will be mainly in charge of the business development of its global asset tracking solution and on BlackBerry’s Internet of Things (IoT) Platform. He will also be responsible for product management and business development for BlackBerry’s asset tracking solution in the global transportation sector. Continue reading

BlackBerry Announces BlackBerry Passport – Silver Edition!

After much speculation, and even the early accidental release yesterday, BlackBerry has officially announced the general availability of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition. Also known as Dallas, the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition comes with pretty much the same internals as the Original BlackBerry Passport. Furthermore, since it has already been approved through IDA, expect to see it on our shores soon! Continue reading

BlackBerry Passport ‘Silver Edition’ (Or ‘Dallas’) Gets Revealed Ahead of Time

BlackBerry Oslo Dallas Render

The BlackBerry Oslo or Dallas, has been churning up some interests for many BlackBerry fans and many are wondering how much difference would this be, from the original BlackBerry Passport. Well, thanks to the online Swiss retailer PCP, we may just as well have a glimpse of it now. In this case, PCP revealed its (potential) pricing as well as some further confirmation of the specs. Continue reading

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Tenth Anniversary!

10 years ago, BlackBerry released and made available one of the more secure and reliable messaging service – BlackBerry Messenger, also known as BBM. Based on the PIN-to-PIN and with text only, it has evolved to include emoticons, images/attachments and now, even voice and video calls! Now available on most major platforms, BBM is the choice for many whom are concerned with privacy issues. Continue reading

Singapore Power Provides 200 Free Mobile Phone Charging Stations Islandwide

Image Credit: Straits Times

As part of SG50, Singapore Power announced earlier this week that they are going to put 200 mobile charging stations island-wide for the public to use to charge their phones for free. All the units are expected to be installed by December this year, and will be put in use for 1 -2 years. These stations will be equipped with 10 individual charging slots (for up to 10 users simultaneously), and the slots will contain multiple charging tips such as mini and micro USBs which will fit most mobile phones and tablets, and a blank USB port for users to insert their own chargers. Continue reading