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BlackBerry Priv To Be 64-Bit and Has 4K Video Recording

The BlackBerry Priv has officially been announced, and will probably be coming soon and yet, specifications are still being rumoured here and there. Today, the guys over at N4BB has brought some solid evidence that the BlackBerry Priv’s 18 megapixel camera will indeed have 4K recording capabilities. Furthermore, it will be packed with a Snapdragon 808 processor and Adreno 418 GPU, so get your wallets and memory cards ready! Continue reading

BlackBerry Priv, The ‘Android Slider’ Officially Announced

BlackBerry’s CEO has officially announced the BlackBerry Priv today, which is essentially the BlackBerry Slider or codenamed `Venice` that we all know it as. Powered with the higher-end Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (than the BlackBerry Passport), and dropping the BlackBerry 10 operating system in favor of Android in this iteration of the device, it keeps a massive touchscreen with the keyboard. In addition, BNN has had an exclusive interview/hands on with the device captured on video with BlackBerry CEO John Chen.

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BlackBerry ‘Venice’ or Slider To Be Known As The BlackBerry Priv?

The time for the launch of BlackBerry Slider or `Venice` is coming closer day by day (though the official date has yet to be announced) and with all the leaks recently, the time should really be near. However, that said, these are just code names and nicknames we have given it but what about the official product (launch) name? According to @evleaks, it should be BlackBerry Priv.