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Field Camp – The food!

Field camp lasts from 4 days to 6 days depending on your batch as well as whether or not you are taking the SITest. Most of you will be completely shagged by the last day or even after the 3rd day, depending also on how your coy decides to run your Field Camp. But one thing that is consistent for everyone is, THE FOOD GIVEN! Continue reading

Tekong activities you should look out for!

Well, many of you have just enlisted into the ‘enhanced’ batch and more activities are coming up. I know many of you will be probably aiming for OCS or SCS and as you progress through, here are some activities to look out for. For those enlisting soon, do take note and prepare yourself for it! And for those whom have already passed this phase, do feel free to comment and give us more suggestions on what we might have missed out or if you got more tips! Continue reading

Army Life

Army Life in BMT is all about the regime and discipline, as well as testing of your mental ability allowing you to grow as a person. I know a lot of you went in in May already, but there are many more batches to come, every month. So, I hope this guide will be useful for all of you. Continue reading

Field Camp

Field Camp is perhaps one of the most important aspect of the Army boy’s life in BMT. Many of you will be embarking onto Field Camp over the next few weeks, so if your reading this, you could possibly be having a competitive edge over your peers. SITest is immediately after Field Camp, so its important for you to really have your energy, focus mantained even after the Field Camp! Continue reading