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Winners For Our microSD Giveaway!

The variety of microSD cards

It took quite a while for us to complete this whole microSD testing campaign, but now that it is over, its time to giveaway the prizes! Back in September last year, we mentioned we have one microSD (64GB) to give but over this period, it has multiplied to five, (comprising of 1 x SanDisk Extreme, 1 x Samsung Evo, 1 x Kingston UltimateX, 2 x SanDisk Ultra)! Find out if you are one of the lucky winners! Continue reading

Winners: BlackBerry Passport Leather Flip Shell Case (Launch Event)

Earlier last week, at the BlackBerry Passport launch event, we opened up a draw for the lucky readers whom have purchased the BlackBerry Passport in Singapore. Prizes include the BlackBerry Passport flip shell case, 64GB microSD memory cards and some BlackBerry swags! Are you a lucky winner? There’s only one way to find out! Continue reading

MicroSD Round Up – Reviews and Giveaways!

The variety of microSD cards

Earlier, we introduced the technology terms of the MicroSD cards. From the technology terms itself, we know that not all microSD cards are made equal, as such their performance can vary. In this round up, we will be looking at the performance of each individual microSD card from various manufacturers that we could get our hands upon, and we will have them benched marked. Continue reading