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The National Steps Challenge (2015)

National Steps Challenge Poster

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) of Singapore has recently launched a new initiative/program here in Singapore for Singaporeans. To promote a healthier lifestyle and awareness programmes for the residents in Singapore, HPB wants to push awareness that healthy lifestyle can be part of our lives and in this case, with the single step. As such, as part of the promotion, the HPB is giving away a free pedometer, that doubles up as a watch to those whom have signed up. Continue reading

Reviewed: Strontium Nitro Plus UHS-3 microSD (64GB)

Strontium Nitro Plus UHS-3 microSD (64GB) retail packaging front

Almost a year after we have started benchmarking all the microSD cards, today, we have yet another card to add to the benchmark to share with you guys. Today, we have a card from a local (Singapore company), Strontium. You may have seen this brand around town (Giant supermarket) and more but, you may not have seen much benchmarks for this. Well, let us present to you their highest-tier card today! Continue reading

Review: Silicon Power 64GB Elite MicroSDXC Card

Silicon Power 64GB Elite MicroSDXC Card Retail Packaging Front

We have ended our main microSD benchmarks for many of the popular memory card (brands) but that does not mean we are over! Technology is always improving and hence, microSD’s will always constantly be upgraded and new models, entries will enter this market. Today, courtesy of Marcus, we have the Silicon Power 64GB Elite MicroSD memory card. Continue reading

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Tenth Anniversary!

10 years ago, BlackBerry released and made available one of the more secure and reliable messaging service – BlackBerry Messenger, also known as BBM. Based on the PIN-to-PIN and with text only, it has evolved to include emoticons, images/attachments and now, even voice and video calls! Now available on most major platforms, BBM is the choice for many whom are concerned with privacy issues. Continue reading

Typo And BlackBerry Settles Their Dispute

So it seems like BlackBerry and Typo has ended their long dispute. Back in 2014, Typo released the not so popular Typo keyboard for iPhones which BlackBerry sued them for and won. That said, Typo continued to hold a contempt of the court order and even released a version 2. But today, BlackBerry announced that they have finally reached a settlement with Typo manufacturers. Continue reading

Reviewed: Samsung Evo MicroSD (128GB)

Samsung Evo MicroSD (128GB) Retail Front

After we took a look at all the microSD’s from the 64GB, the next consumer category that is up and rising is the 128GB category. Right now, it is limited to mainly this 3 brands: Lexar, SanDisk and Samsung. Samsung is the last of the 3 big brands to put their offerings onto the market, and they have released this under their Samsung EVO line, which is their mid-range or rather, lowest end offering for the microSDXC series. Continue reading