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Red BlackBerry Passport Will Come On Black Friday!

So again at the BlackBerry Enterprise event earlier today, John Chen let the news out of the bag that the red BlackBerry Passport is coming! As mentioned earlier, it will come this month, probably earlier to Singapore than to Amazon/USA. That said, if your looking for the red BlackBerry Passport, you should not be paying a big premium for it… Since it is available from Amazon and ShopBlackBerry as well. Continue reading

BlackBerry Passport In Red Coming Later This Month (?)

The BlackBerry Passport was released more than a month ago in one color variant – Black. Of course whilst we understand that stock has not been the easiest to get, BlackBerry is apparently releasing another 2 more variants that should be hitting our shores later this month apparently. However, that said, we are still trying to confirm with BlackBerry and we will let you know as soon as we have an update.

Continue reading

Getting Started With The BlackBerry Passport

The BlackBerry Passport has made its way around the markets already, and for those who have already gotten it and for those planning to get it, here’s some tip’s and tricks for you! With our special guest, Damian Tay, Senior Director for APAC Product Management, BlackBerry, we bring to you this special hands on, which covers details such as loading the SIM card, memory card to USB OTG. Continue reading

BlackBerry Passport Has Exceeded Demands?

Image Capture of BlackBerry Passport on a Screen

BlackBerry Passport had a good start, with 200,000 sold/back ordered on the first two days. I guess based on the previous sales, this sales volume definitely exceeded the expected demand for the BlackBerry Passport. This is especially so since BlackBerry Classic is also round the corner, and many are holding out to see the classic before deciding between the Passport or the Classic. Continue reading