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BlackBerry Extra Battery Charger Bundle for BlackBerry Bold Touch

The BlackBerry Extra Battery Charger Bundle for the BlackBerry Bold Touch/Torch 9860 comes with more or less everything you need to get going. Included is the external battery charger, microUSB Y-cable splitter and a spare JM-1 battery. However, the charger for the wall is not included in the package so you’ll need to either get one yourself or use the current one provided with your phone. The splitter plugs into your current wall charger that came with your device (or if separately purchased) so that you can charge both your phone and the battery at the same time. Hence, you won’t need an extra charger to charge it up. Continue reading

BlackBerry Charging Pod for BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900/9930


From way back in the Blackberry 81xx Pearl series, BlackBerry devices typically had these wonderful charging pins and all of these charging pods have been fairly similar, with a chromed deep-dish style design. Most came with a “lighted” Blackberry logo on the charging pod as well. When the new flagship earlier, the torch 9800 came out, the omission of the contact pin did not stop rim from churning out the charging pod still, albeit using the usb port, allowing it to be “docked”. Now on the latest BlackBerry Bold touch, the contact pins are reintroduced, the two white connectors at the bottom, as opposed to the traditional gold pins at the back and the large silver one on the two sides. Continue reading