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Emberify Week-long Sale!

The guys over at Emberify just let us know that their week-long sale of their applications have started! The sale will go on for a week for all of their applications. This sale will see their applications get a 50% off the regular pricing.

Priced at SGD$1.25, the applications include:

  1. Reminder Now​: Location and people based reminders. The most advance context aware reminders on BlackBerry 10.
  2. Inbox Zero​ : Snooze emails you can’t deal with now. Inbox Zero lets you put off messages until later and returns them to your hub automatically, so you can focus on what’s important now.
  3. Tilt Now​: Built on BlackBerry Sweden’s(TAT) Tilt UI, Tilt Now gives you the highlights of your entire day.
  4. Instant​: Track how much time you spend on your BlackBerry and how many times you check it.
  5. Follow Mail​: Create follow ups, fast read and notifications for selected emails.
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